Apple to Launch Pro iPhones, iPads and MacBook Pro with New Specs

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Next month, Apple plans to launch Pro iPhones at an event with the exact date not announced yet. Also, the devices will be on sale in September thereby playing a major role in the fiscal fourth-quarter sales. However, the company will face a major challenge of trying to record positive sales of its products.

According to Bloomberg, the tech company will also launch refreshed versions of the iPad Pro, an iPad and new variants of the Apple Watch. Other products which will be released include a refreshed MacBook Pro in three years while updates for Apple accessories will also be available. These details were leaked by anonymous sources at the California based company.

Apple will also hit the market with updates for its Apple Watch, Apple TV+ video and its in-house gaming service.  Refreshed variants of the Mac Pro, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

These are the features of Apple’s new offerings:


In its usual tradition since 2017, Apple will launch new iPhones that will succeed the iPhone XS, XR, and XS Max. Two of the new devices are expected to be Pro iPhones.

These devices will feature a new camera setup that includes a third sensor for ultra-wide angle photos and videos. Users will be able to zoom out and shoot images with a larger field of view. Furthermore, the camera can successively shoot three photos and use AI software to correct errors. The camera will also offer crisp images at any time including at night.

These videos shot by these phones will rival the quality offered by traditional video cameras. Users will also get the chance to perform various edits such on these videos.

Wireless charging on these new phones will allow users to recharge their Airpods in their charging wireless cases on their backs.

In terms of design and display, the new iPhones will look like the current models. However, they are more durable than the present variants.


The phones will include a new multi-angle Face ID sensor that captures a wider field of view so that users can unlock the handsets more easily – even when the devices are flat on a table.

Users will be able to unlock the new devices when placed on a table because the phones will offer a new multi-angle Face ID sensor with a wider field of view.

Apart from its durability, the new phones will also have a higher water resistance than available iPhones. This feature will result in the new devices staying in water 30 mins longer than similar Apple products.

The display on the new models consists of an OLED screen with Haptic Touch. This option reminds us of the 3D Touch feature offered by the iPhone XR in 2018.

A second sensor with optical zoom will be featured on the rear panel of the iPhone XR’s successor. Fortunately, users will be able to zoom in without losing quality while enjoying an enhanced portrait mode and a green version.

All the latest Apple phones will enjoy speedy A13 processors with “AMX” coprocessors for mathematical tasks. Known as matric processors, these components will ease some burden off the main processor thereby assisting augmented reality and computer vision.

5G will not be available on the present models however consumers will have access to this feature on next year’s iPhones. 3D cameras for augmented reality will be delivered by the 2019 models.


Following its launch of a midlevel iPad Air and iPad mini, Apple will bring a revamped version of the iPad Pro and entry-level iPad for schools.

Design-wise, the 11-inch and 12.9 inches will share the look of present models. But they will come with better optics and mobile chipsets.

Following Apple’s possible move to discontinue the sales of iPods with the traditional 9.7-inch display, the entry-level variant will come with a 10.2 inches screen.

Apple Watch, AirPods, and HomePod

Since the Apple Watch has a new design and screen due to a 2018 refresh, the current changes will focus on a case finishes and a software update. There is talk about new ceramic and titanium models in an early model of iOS 13.

New AirPods with water resistance and noise cancellation are currently in the works. This model will cost more than the current models and will be introduced during a 2019 launch. In March, the company introduced its latest AirPods with stronger batteries and handsfree Siri support.

After witnessing poor sales of its $300 HomePod, Apple will release a cheaper variant early next year. The new model may have two speakers less than the present HomePod.


A 16-inch MacBookPro will be launched as a refresh by Apple. It will have narrow bezels thus it will share the same size with the present 15-inch variants.

The revamped MacBook will stand as Apple’s biggest laptop after it stopped the sales of its 17-inch model in 2012. Analysts believe that this measure is an attempt to become popular with professional consumers.

The Mac Pro and 32 inch XDR which were previously announced will be launched this year.


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