PS5 Image Revealed in a Leaked Sony Patent

PlayStation 5 - ps5 leaked image

Sony’s next-generation console which will be named the PS5 is expected to be released holiday period in 2020. Sony has confirmed the specifications already and PS4 sales have begun going down due to expectations of the PS5 arrival. A patent image discovered by a Dutch blog, LetsGoDigital has revealed what the next generation console would look like.

The image of what could be the PlayStation 5 is attributed to Technical Director Yasuhiro Ootori, it was seen in a patent filed by Sony with the World Intellectual Property Office. Yasuhiro launched the PlayStation 4 with Sony back in 2013 and is expected to do the same with the PS5 next year.

Sony PlayStation 5 devkit design

In another confirmation, Matthew Stott, a Codemasters artist tweeted about having a matching devkit of the image filed in the patent in his office. Stott subsequently deleted the tweet and his entire Twitter account, an indication he may have violated Sony’s non-disclosure agreement.

Microsoft is expected to launch its Project Scarlett Xbox officially next year as well; it’s gearing up to be an interesting 2020. It should be noted, devkits doesn’t necessarily confirm the final outlook of projects but it is already an indication the PS5 is in the works.

Sony already compared the PS4 Pro to its next-gen console when it debuted its load times demo. The PlayStation 5 will support 8K graphics resolution, super-fast SSDs, 3D audio and backward compatibility with PS4 games.


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