PS 5 Will Feature 8K Graphics, SSDs, Ray Tracing, and PS4 Backwards Compatibility — Sony

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It is no longer news that the next-gen Sony PlayStation console is in the works, which we may call the PlayStation 5 for now; however, the first real details about the features and capabilities to expect from the new hardware emerged today in an interview at WiredThe PS5, Sony says, will offer support for 8K graphics, super-fast SSDs, 3D audio as well as backwards compatibility with currently available PlayStation 4 games.

According to the lead system architect for the PS4, Mark Cerny, the upcoming console is not merely the PlayStation 4’s spec-boosted upgrade, just like the PlayStation 4 Pro was.

The PS 5 comes with entirely new hardware, which includes an 8-core CPU that is based on third-gen Ryzen line of AMD developed on the latest 7nm Zen 2 process of the chip maker, coupled with a custom GPU, which is based on Radeon Navi hardware built by AMD. For the first time, this will introduce ray-tracing graphics to a game console.

What is the end result of all these improvements in the hardware? The PlayStation 5 will come with support for 8K graphics, provided your TV has that kind of resolution.

Also, Sony is mainly focusing on 3D audio for the PS 5. Obviously, the new AMD chip will come with a custom unit solely for that purpose. The company is hoping this will bring about more immersive gaming on both TV speakers as well as headphones.

Another huge change that is coming to the PS 5 is that the hard drive has been replaced with an SSD. This newly introduced solid-state drive will offer improved load time and gameplay much more significantly than a hard drive could do, says Sony.

Sony also confirms the PlayStation 5 will be backwards compatible with PlayStation 4 games that are currently available.

The PlayStation 4 and 5, unlike the PS3-PS4 transition, have architectures with a number of similarities. This capability facilitates cross-generational support.

Physical copies of games will still be available for purchase, not just game downloads; though Sony hasn’t stated if these will be Blu-ray discs or a more exotic option. The popular brand has equally pledged that the PlayStation 5 will be a slower transition when it is rolled out and will include multiple new games that will be released for both the PlayStation 4 and 5.

As of yet, it appears the company is only willing to reveal broad strokes about hardware. No information is available as of now on capabilities, such as media or games features, for instance. We believe we would be privy to more details much later. It is possible that the PS 5 will not be making an appearance at E3 because Sony won’t be partaking part in the show this year.

Also, no details are available yet on the PS5 release date. Cerny only told Wired it would not be coming this year. However, he added developers have access to devkits already for developing games for the console, implying that a rumored 2020 launch is expected.

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