iOS 13 Reportedly Coming with Dark Mode and New Home Screen

facetime bug - ios 13 dark mode

Last year, Dark mode was embraced by YouTube, Twitter and many other top productivity apps. Surprisingly, Apple is yet to consider this on its iPhones.

According to Bloomberg, iOS devices will get the new dark mode via an IOS 13 update later this year, the dark mode will affect all parts of the system while ensuring ” easier night-time viewing.” Recently, many apps support dark mode features however users of iPhones have requested on Apple to introduce in house OS support. This new addition comes on the heels of the introduction of the “dark mode” feature to macOS Mojave in 2018.

Apart from the dark mode feature, other new highlights will accompany the update. These features include CarPlay improvements and a new iPad home screen. There have been unconfirmed reports about a newly designed home screen. However, the phone maker has delayed making it available with the iOS 12 update in 2018 while focusing on enhancing performance and reliability levels on its devices.

Bloomberg does not reveal any information about the layout of the expected iPad home screen. But iOS 13 will have an interface that will support apps and file management changes.

Furthermore, Apple intends to offer its consumers new services using the iOS 13 service. The latest additions include a magazine subscription service and unique video content. According to the Verge, this development came as a result of Apple’s dwindling profits in service revenue in 2018. The blog believes that Apple will reveal more details about iOS 13 during the annual World Developers Conference that will hold in June this year.

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