Top 5G Network Features and Advantages Over 4G Network

5g network features

When you hear the word “5G Networks”, you might think it’s an upgrade from the present 4G networks. However, it brings more to the table by changing how cellular networks work and help us communicate better. With this article, I will give you a detailed explanation of 5G network features and why it will perform better than their predecessors.

What is 5G and What Makes it Special?

Even before we get down to 5G network features and its advantages, we have to understand the basics of this network and what makes it superior to all other systems.

Recently, 5G utilizes the Massive MIMO standard. This technology accounts for the network’s desirable speed and performance.

MIMO or Multiple-input multiple output technology is not particularly new. For one, its already used by some networks. But when combined with 5G, a better standard known as Massive MIMO is achieved. Besides a conventional MIMO network works with two or four antennas while 5G network coupled with Massive MIMO works with 96 to 128 antennas from ZTE and Huawei.

The use of more antennas ensures enhanced data transmissions which makes it a desirable option. Now let’s see the advantages this innovative technology will offer its prospective subscribers.

5G Network Features – Super Internet Speeds

5G networks will offer super-fast internet services when you connect with it. As expected, the service offers about 100 times more data speeds over the air. Let’s explain further.

While 4G networks offer speeds with 50 Mb/s as the limit, 5GB boasts of internet speeds that exceed 10Gb/s on an average.

Let’s consider a scenario where you have to download a 5GB file. On 3G, it would take some weeks while on 4G, it would take a day. However, with 5G, you can download the content within a few minutes. That’s the type of speed we are looking at.

Handles More Devices than 4G

Although internet speeds are better, the 5G networks still come with more impressive features.

Have you ever wondered why you experience poor internet speeds in some locations where the cellular use is above average? Well, do not blame this problem on the absence of internet or data bandwidth in that area. However, the primary cause is a severe flaw in the delivery mechanism, which is the 4G network.

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Alternatively, the 5G network will have more than 100 times the ability to handle more devices than 4G. This means that more subscribers or devices would be able to connect to a particular network without affecting its performance for other users.

Very Low Network Latency

Before you can use your smart appliances for internet intensive tasks or perform various functions in smart buildings, you need to have a reliable and low latency-based network. Dismally, present 4G networks can provide a latency of 50ms. This poor latency cannot support essential applications such as surgeries and other life-saving procedures.

Differently, 5G will provide its users with an ultra-low latency of 1ms. This means that they will get a quick response from the network and the devices connected to that network. This element makes 5G a viable option for various applications including online gaming which needs a speedy and dependable system.

Creates Customized Network Slices

Presently, most networks available offer a single solution for different applications. But this is not a good idea as various applications have various needs.

For example, if you want to play online games, you need to use a data network with high speeds and low latency. This will ensure the transmission of signals without any delays. But if you use the same high-speed network for instant messaging on Messenger, this would signify a wastage of data services.

5G technology prevents such waste by providing custom network slices or custom network options. Previously, telecommunication companies could provide cellular networks in one form

Ensures Better Battery Life than 4G

One of the problems with most high-speed networks is that they make devices work harder. This leads to subsequent battery drainage or reduced battery life. However, with 5G, users will experience a better battery life.

5G is not a single technology instead its made of several techniques in a single setup. However, this smart network knows when to implement a particular technology when

Thereby, regular monitoring enables the systems to provide the best available connection to devices. This reduces the work needed to search for better network thus increasing the battery life of devices such as smartphones.

Supports Multiple Applications at the Same Time

Don’t you get frustrated when one service moves slowly on your phone while your device focuses on other tasks? Well, this problem is as a result of the network. Most networks available do not come with sufficient bandwidth to enable the same quality of support to numerous applications at the same time.

For example, if you cannot handle live streaming and gaming at the same time with current networks. But with 5G, this will become a possibility as it offers faster internet speeds and better device handling capacity. This is one of the top 5G network features.

Is a 5G Rollout Eminent?

Although this network has a significant impact on how we communicate, it will not be available at least until 2020. That date is might not even be feasible. So why is a 5G rollout taking much time?

For one, it means a lot of work for telecom companies. Current networks can work with other wireless services however 5G needs a brand-new frequency to before it can function.

This means the network operators will need to build 5G infrastructure from scratch. A move like this will demand more capital than they are willing to spend. However, the possibility of 5G becoming a reality is obvious.

With this article, we hope you’ve learnt about 5G network features and all there is to know.

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