10 Best Apple TV Apps for 4K Movies, News and Shows

best apple tv apps

There so many TV streaming options today and one might get confused as to the one to go for. There is Google Chromecast, Kodi, Roku and lots more. We all know the Apple ecosystem is a quite a large one from your Mac laptop, iMac, to your iPad, iPhone and Apple Homepod, cue the Apple TV; the company’s own streaming service. The Apple TV may not be everyone’s cup of tea but its a good streaming option with outputs 4K resolution and colourful displays.

The Apple App store is a big one with a large database of apps, it can be a daunting task for beginners looking for the best Apple TV apps to stream their favourite shows and movies. We understand this and we’ve listed out the best Apple TV apps to start with for you.

Best Apple TV Apps for Movies and Shows

Reuters TV

It is quite important to be informed of various happenings, trends and events around the world. However, our busy schedule means that we cannot stay glued to our Apple devices all day. Not to worry, Reuters Tv is here to keep you updated. There is various and latest world news available.

Immediately a user launches an app, the amount of time to be spent is asked to help a user check any form of addiction. News selections are based on the most important trends around the world so you do not have to worry about any inconsequential stuff being aired. Also, the kind of news to be aired can be tailored according to the user’s preferences. Whatever rocks your boat! Most importantly, the app enables a user to stay informed every day. Great choice indeed.

YouTube TV

This app does not need any introduction. It is easily the world’s most popular video-dedicated app available. It is highly recommended because of the array of contents available on it be it live or uploaded videos. Check out a comprehensive review of the app.

Also, there are various pixels available according to a user’s data volume or internet quality. Perusing the app is easy because of the simplified navigation system that has been put in place. Also, videos can be auto-played one after the other and that makes it gives a user the television experience. Furthermore, the full-screen mode is made available in a landscape form and a user can queue a series of videos to be viewed.

The app can double as a TV app and a social network. Different opinions are aired and comments can be made under the videos. Therefore, YouTube can both be entertaining and educating.


Twitter is the go-to app for the latest happening in the world and trending news and stories. The Twitter Apple TV app is straightforward with no Paywall and does not require you to sign to use. For Sports lovers, this is one of the best Apple TV apps to stream the Major League Soccer, NBA and follow the NFL. It’s a no-brainer, this app is definitely a must.


Plex is well known for those who use a media server and has been around for a long time. The app is now available for Apple TV and is one of the best clients for the media server. Plex offers a wide array of options with DVR functionality and cloud storage support, it also supports 4K streaming and provides premium TV access. Users can access a lot of content and see news from various channels; certainly one of the best Apple TV apps.

Amazon Prime Video

It may have taken a while for this app to come to Apple but it is worth it because it gives a user some of the best viewing experience one can get. There are thousands of television shows available on the app. Lots of free contents are available for Prime subscribers. Also, Amazon’s original series are available on the app.

Videos are loaded quickly on the app. Buffering is eliminated to give users an enjoyable experience. There is the ‘Watch Next’ section made available to view recently viewed TV shows and movies. This makes it easy to view videos that have been watched before or those that haven’t been completed.

Furthermore, videos can be saved to be viewed later. Great choice!


This is the iOS app for the popular sports channel. It is quite obvious that it is dedicated to sports and every sports lover shall find this app resourceful. It showcases ESPN’s channels and their popular programmes can be viewed. You can stream live matches, watch highlights and view live scores.

The app has a home tab which shows highlights and live scores, users can choose favourite teams so one can stay updated. The app is the bomb!


If you use Social Media very well you must have come across those TED motivational videos and talks. Key figures in society and well-known people give talks to a group of people and share their inspirational and success stories. There are times when you may feel down and just need that pep talk or someone to cheer you up, look no further than TED. The app gives you access to all these videos and syncs with your profile so you can watch TED talks at any time. Highly recommended and one of the best Apple TV apps.


No best Apple TV apps list is complete without Netflix. Netflix has been a household name for years. The company started out as a video delivery outfit. However, it is hardly possible for movie lovers to watch their favourite movies and TV shows on their devices without using Netflix.

Netflix offers a wide array of catalogues for users to peruse. Also, they offer TV shows produced by their company. It is worthy of note that the TV shows available on Netflix are season complete and that isn’t the case with most of Netflix’s competitors. Some of the popular shows offered by Netflix include Daredevil, Orange is the new black, Narcos, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. It’s great for binge-watching and it is quite possible to join the conversation while watching shows. There are many more great features available so it is fitting that a user downloads the app.

CBS News

News, news and news. That’s what you get with CBS. The importance of keeping up with the latest happenings in your world cannot be over-emphasized. CBS News app for Apple TV provides this. This app features CBSN, a 24/7 digital news channel from CBS News. CBSN has live anchored coverage, original reporting, and breaking news in an innovative interactive video experience. Watch what’s life now or use on-demand to view past segments on topics that interest you the most.

You will also get on-demand video clips or full episodes from CBS Evening News, CBS This Morning, 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, Sunday Morning and Face the Nation. With updates throughout the day, the CBS News app is your one-stop source for comprehensive original reporting, new videos and commentary from respected journalists.

Carrot Weather

It is good to keep up with the weather condition to know what the seasons are like on a day to day basis. Already one of the most downloaded apps on App store, Carrot Weather has been featured by CNN, The New York Times, Wired, Good Morning America and many more. Highly, recommended for your Apple TV.

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