Apple Integrates Apple Music and iCloud Photos with Windows

icloud photos on windows

Apple Music is now available on Microsoft Store, and Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One owners can access the app already. On Windows, users will need to wait until next year to have access, The Verge reports.

Apple is working on bringing its Music and TV app to preview versions of Windows soon, and users will be able to access natively without using the web versions. It doesn’t end there; Microsoft and Apple are working on integrating iCloud photos into the built-in Photos app on Windows 11. Apple’s iCloud Windows app is now available to Windows Insiders, but a future update will make it available to all Windows users soon.

Integrating iCloud photos into Windows will make life easier for iPhone users who use a PC or a Windows laptop. Apple TV came with the Xbox Series X|S at launch, but Apple Music only just arrived on PlayStation 5 last October. Xbox owners who have Apple Music as their music streaming platform will finally be able to enjoy the app on their console.

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