WhatsApp Now Lets You Undo Accidental Message Deletes

whatsapp undo delete

WhatsApp has added a very useful feature for message deletes. The application will now let you undo messages deleted for yourself, so you can apply a “Delete for everyone” option if you want. The update is available on iOS and Android, and users have a five-second window to call back accidental deletes.

During chats, WhatsApp gives users two delete options – a “Delete for me” that deletes messages from your chat only but leaves it for the recipient and a “Delete for everyone” option that deletes the messages from the recipient and the sender. Before the new update, if a user wanted to delete for everyone but accidentally chose the “delete for me” option, it could be a cause for worry, especially if the information is sensitive. With the new update, the delete mistake can now be corrected.

To undo a message you accidentally deleted for yourself, tap on the undo button that automatically appears when the message is deleted. The undo button will only be available for five seconds, after which it will no longer be available.

WhatsApp has been rolling out new features. In November, the Meta-owned company released the Communities feature, Business Directory and also support for Bitmoji-like avatars.

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