WhatsApp Introduces Animated Stickers and QR Codes

whatsapp animated stickers

WhatsApp is rolling out a host of new features to its application over the next few weeks, among them is the ability to use animated stickers. Ever since it was introduced, stickers have become a popular way for people to express themselves freely on WhatsApp and billions are sent every day. WhatsApp is now rolling out animated stickers to make chats more fun and expressive.

QR codes have been around for a long time and it is used to access a lot of things, WhatsApp is rolling out the ability to add contacts by scanning their QR codes. This will be a faster way for people to add contacts without having to type in their digits one by one.

WhatsApp introduced Dark Mode earlier this year on Android and iOS; the feature is now available on WhatsApp web and its Desktop application. Dark Mode is a way to reduce constraint on the eye which may result due to too much light entering the eye.

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As much as 8 people can now be on a WhatsApp video call at a time. Users can now focus very well on a participant’s video by tapping and holding down on a participant’s video to maximize it. A video icon has also been added to group chats so users can easily start a group video call.

Finally, Status Updates is coming to KaiOS – the operating system for entry-level smartphones based on B2G.

All the features are rolling out in the next few weeks on the latest WhatsApp update. As of February this year, WhatsApp announced a total of 2 Billion users globally and the numbers are growing daily.

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