WhatsApp introduces Disappearing Messages and a New Storage Management Tool

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WhatsApp is always looking for ways to make its app better; the Facebook-owned company has introduced two new features that users will find useful. Users can now send “Disappearing Messages” that will disappear after seven days. The other feature is a storage management tool which will allow users free up space easily on their phone.

Disappearing Messages can be enabled for individual chats. Messages exchanged by users before enabling this feature will not be affected. To enable Disappearing Messages, open WhatsApp chat and tap on a contact’s name, find the feature and tap the toggle On/Off button. This applies to media exchanged as well. In group chats, only admins can turn on/off this feature.


Messages and media sent or received with Disappearing Messages turned on might still remain on a user’s phone even after disappearing. This can happen when auto-download is turned on for photos and videos or when the back-up option is enabled. Also, Disappearing Messages forwarded to a chat with the feature turned off won’t disappear in the forwarded chat.

The new storage management tool now makes it easy to free up storage from unwanted media. It can be accessed in “Manage storage” by going to Settings>>Storage and data. WhatsApp will now group media that has been forwarded many times in one place, and there is also another section for files “Larger than 5MB”.

With this new storage management tool, users can easily free up storage and see what’s taking up spaces via WhatsApp on their smartphone.

The update is gradually rolling out and will be available on both Android and iOS.

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