You Can Now Preload EA Play Games on Xbox Game Pass

EA Play Games on Xbox Game Pass

When Microsoft confirmed the Xbox Series X for a November 10th launch date in September, the company also promised the addition of EA Play at no extra cost to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. With the release of the next-gen console only a week away, Xbox Game Pass players can now preload EA Play Games.

EA Play catalogue is impressive with a library containing games such as FIFA, Battlefield, Madden NFL and many more. PC users will have to wait for a month to have access but the catalogue will be available to Xbox Series X and Series X users on launch day.

The Verge’s Tom Warren discovered it early and shared in a tweet. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can preload and download the EA Play Games they want; however, the games are locked until November 10th. While Microsoft announced it will be at no extra cost, some users in Brazil and Argentina revealed a raise in Xbox Game Pass membership price which included EA Play. The price increase wasn’t that significant as the users were willing to accept the little extra charge for the value they will be getting.

The addition of EA Play to Xbox Game Pass goes in line with Microsoft’s strategy to make its games playable on any device and in turn build a large cloud gaming subscriber base. Sony on the other hand is focusing on hardware and looks set to win the console war yet again with the launch of its PlayStation 5 around the corner.

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