Microsoft Hits 15 Million Xbox Game Pass Subscribers

xbox game pass

Microsoft is focusing on its cloud gaming service and it’s reaping the reward. As of September, there are a total of 15 million subscribers on Xbox Game Pass, up from the 10 million it was when Microsoft last announced in April. This is a massive 50% jump within five months.

Microsoft is marketing its Xbox Game Pass as it prepares to launch its next-gen console. The company announced recently it will be adding EA Play for free adding more well-known games to the catalogue. This jump in subscribers can obviously be attributed to the pandemic as more people spend time at home playing video games. The Xbox Game Pass provides access to over 100 Xbox games at a monthly subscription of $9.99.

The Game Pass catalogue has been improved with the addition of big titles like Destiny 2 and Red Dead Redemption. The introduction of xCloud has also made the subscription service attractive not forgetting Microsoft has also just announced. The acquisition of Zenimax Media, Bethesda Softwork’s parent company for $7.5 billion.


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