PlayStation 5 Winning the Console Showdown Already in Online Black Market

playstation 5

Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S launches November 12 and November 10 respectively in what is gearing up to be an interesting holiday season for video game lovers. Pre-orders for the new consoles began in September but were sold out quickly at every retailer due to high demand for the next-gen consoles. According to Bloomberg, the PlayStation 5 has seen pre-orders almost double that of the Xbox Series X in the online black market.

Consumers are spending more on gaming hardware and content more than ever as people spend more time at home due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Analysts at NPD, a research firm expects the spending to be up by 24 percent from last year this holiday 2020 and also expects units to hard to find. The PlayStation 5 pre-orders sold out immediately on popular retail sites such as Amazon, GameStop, Walmart and BestBuy as people scramble to be the first in line to get the next-gen console.

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Scalpers have taken advantage of this high-demand to resell the upcoming next-gen consoles on EBay and other websites, Bloomberg reports. The PlayStation 5 is seeing more listings more than Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. On EBay Auction Sales and Live Listings, the PlayStation 5 has seen more than 9,300 pre-orders compared to over 4,800 of the Xbox Series X. This is an indication yet of how both consoles will perform against each when they finally launch. Sony expects the PS5 to outsell the PS4 on both short and long-term basis with PlayStation boss Jim Ryan confirming the PS5 has sold more in 12hrs than the PS4 did in 12 weeks.

According to Research from MarkSight, each PS5 auction on EBay has had an average 17.8 number of bids compared 12.3 of that of the Xbox Series X. On the average, pre-order price for the PS5 has gone up to $871 compared to that of the Series X on $720.

The PlayStation 5 officially has a retail price of $500 for the standard edition while the digital edition with no blu-ray drive will cost $400. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X will retail for $500 while the less powerful Series S will cost $300.

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