Netflix, Disney Plus, Spotify and Twitch will be available on the PS5 at Launch

PS5 Media Remote

Not only will the PlayStation 5 define next-gen gaming; Sony is also determined to make it an entertainment powerhouse. In a recent blog post, Phil Rosenberg, Head of Global Partner Development and Relations at PlayStation confirmed streaming apps such as Apple TV, Disney Plus, Spotify, Netflix, Twitch and YouTube will all be available on the PS5 at launch.

Sony has also confirmed a new Media Remote will be launching alongside the PS5 but it will only be available as a standalone purchase. It is available on retail stores such as Amazon and Gamestop for $30. The remote comes with dedicated buttons for Disney Plus, Netflix, Spotify and YouTube, there are also built-in media control buttons such as mute, play, pause, fast forward and reverse buttons. The remote can be used to power on the PlayStation 5 and it will also work with compatible TVs.

During the PlayStation 5 UI showcase, Sony revealed a separate dedicated space for media and entertainment apps. All streaming apps will be available in this space and users will not need to download separately from the PlayStation Store. Other apps such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, MyCanal, Peacock and more will be available at a much later date.

The PlayStation 5 launches November 12, the Disc Drive version will set you back by $500 while the Digital Edition will retail for $400.

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