Sony will Only Sell the PlayStation 5 Online at Launch

playstation 5 console

The PlayStation 5 launches November 12 or on the 19 depending on your region. As gamers all over the world scramble to get units, Sony has released an update stating the console will only be sold online through its retail partners.

Sony states sales will only be made online so as to keep the buyers, retailers and its staff safe due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This development comes as the world begins to battle a second wave of the virus with the UK going on a month lockdown beginning Thursday.

No units will be available in-store for purchase on launch day,” states Sony’s Sid Shuman. “Please don’t plan on camping out or lining up at your local retailer on launch day in hopes of finding a PS5 console for purchase. Be safe, stay home, and place your order online.”

To gamers who have pre-ordered for pick-up at their local retailer, Sony confirms they will still be able to do that based on the arrangement with their retailer.

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