How to Get Retweets on Twitter without Being Famous

how to get retweets on twitter

Have you been looking for how to get retweets on Twitter? Then sit back, relax and read this article. Getting engagements on social media can be tricky sometimes until you know exactly what to say and the likes and retweets won’t stop coming. In the case of Twitter, reaching that point where everything you say becomes retweet gold takes the impartation of the knowledge of gods or just continuing down this article.

Twitter is sort of like a personal diary that you hope someone enjoys reading and validates with a Retweet or a Like. So even if you are not looking to become an influencer or a viral god, it will be nice to know your thoughts connect with a decent number of your followers. So how do you make sure that happens?

The first thing one must acknowledge is behind the desire for retweets are different motives. And it’s this difference in motive that determines the best way to go about that shameless trolling of the Twittersphere for retweets. Want to know how to get retweets on Twitter? Find out as we outline some points below.


How to get retweets on Twitter

Ask for Retweets

Let’s start with the simplest and perhaps not the most obvious way to get retweets. Just ask for it. Asking people to retweet your tweet will get you retweets. Of course, this mostly works with tweets with a request message. Business tweets, Help fix my problem tweets. Any tweet that falls under this kind of message will get the community hitting the retweet button just by asking them to.


Add Pictures to your tweets

There was a point in Twitter history when jokes and banter were limited to words. You either had the wit to make strangers laugh or you didn’t and even at the time, the community was still stingy with the retweet button. Fast forward to the present and all you need is a half decent line combined with a funny picture will get you rolling in retweet coins. This can be considered a result of human beings being visual beings and the popularity of memes. The combination of meme popularity with the growth in the number of Twitter users means there is a larger base of people responding to that brand of humour. So if you are looking to rake in those retweet numbers, take full advantage.

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Use Hashtags

This is not as effective as it once was but it is still a great way to rake up retweets, especially if you are looking to gain retweets outside your local twitter community. It becomes even more effective if used for a trending topic. A lot of users catch up on Twitter using Twitter’s trending topic feature, thus posting your tweets under these trending hashtags means your tweet is exposed to people who probably wouldn’t have seen your tweet otherwise, increasing your chances of retweets in the process.


Tweet about trending issues

Similar to the logic behind hashtags, posting your tweets at the height of Twitter hot topics will get you retweets, as long as you say something interesting to add to the conversation. With a lot more people interested in the current conversation, a lot more attention is being paid to tweets who are saying something about that conversation. This becomes a whole lot more effective since the age of Woke Twitter and ISMs. People just drop the buzzwords about the subject in question and watch the retweets roll in. Of course, it leaves us at the risk of cheapening the serious social conversation that might be going on at the time but there is no law that doesn’t say you can’t contribute meaningfully to the topic and still smile to the bank in retweets.

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Take advantage of the people’s religion

Ever seen those “retweet if Jesus died for your sins” or something with a similar sentiment? Meant to tap into the reader’s religious beliefs. They are retweet gold mines. They are easy. They mean nothing. But because there are plenty of Twitter users who consider not retweeting a form of sin, there are plenty of people to retweet while you sit back and watch your phone die off unending notifications. It is easy. It is particularly a go-to for those looking to build an account and then sells it off based on its engagement numbers. Sweet retweets. Sweet money.


Actually, tweet things people like

And this is the part that requires a high level of audience read and wittiness to consistently rake up retweets. Delivering jokes, insights and clever play of words, the retweets will find you. You’ve heard the adage that a great product doesn’t advertise itself. If your tweets are great, naturally people will retweet them. Like a symbol of approval and a digital applause for your brain. This is one of the noble ways to earn retweets on Twitter, but it is left for a select few, chosen by the gods and blessed with intelligence and wittiness. Don’t let it stop you though. Believe in yourself. You might find your audience.

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Just a few guaranteed ways of going viral on Le Twitter and earn retweets. If you have other ways that we didn’t talk about, sound off in the comment section.

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