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how to be twitter famous - buy twitter followers

This article will tell you all you need to know on how to be Twitter famous. It’s easier today to be famous than before due to the advent of Social Media, grab a sit and relax as we put you through all you need to know.

So, after laughing at all the screenshotted tweets joke accounts on Instagram post regularly on their page, you’ve decided to check out the source. You’ve decided to sign up on Twitter. Maybe you even managed to figure it all out in a few days. How retweets work, likes, posting a tweet, following interesting accounts, you didn’t have to sign up and come back after a year because you didn’t understand it like this writer. You are now a bona fide Twitter user.

After a few weeks of tweeting and seeing the jokes and craziness firsthand, you still aren’t famous. Going viral and being a Twitter overlord is still a title that eludes you. Well, today is your lucky day. Let someone who has been on twitter for 9 years tell you how to get famous on Twitter.

The first thing to understand about Twitter is your fame is tied to what you offer the community, which is hereafter shall be referred to as ‘Twittersphere’. Thousands of people visit the Twittersphere every day for different reasons and your ability to hold their attention for a long period of time depends on your ability to satisfy those reasons. The larger the group to which you satisfy their reasons for opening the application, the more famous you are likelier to be.

There are many ways to skin a cat, so are the number of things you can offer the Twittersphere to achieve fame and a few of them are not for the weak.


How to be Twitter Famous – Be a Twitter Celebrity

Be a Twitter Giver     

This is perhaps the easiest way to be Twitter Famous. All you need is money. Just a few tweets of you sharing money and you will get enough engagements to make a digital marketer jealous. Depending on how rich you are, it isn’t sustainable but in the meantime, your handle will get the exposure it desires and you might even start off a trending topic. Just ask @Prodeegy. You will gain those followers and perhaps even some dedicated sycophants along the way but your relevance on the Twittersphere ends when you are not sharing money.

If you are however smart, you might decide to incorporate other services for your philanthropy such as providing gossip like @subdeliveryzone.

You must however not forget why your followers are really there. The money. No list of how to be Twitter famous is complete without this.

Become an authority in Niche Twitter

This road to Twitter fame is more sustainable. The problem with it is, it takes time. It is fame built on reputation and reputation takes time to solidify. If you are however looking to get twitter famous in a sustainable way with something that reflects your interest and wealth of knowledge, then niche twitter is your go-to option. Luckily for you, there are various niches on Twitter. We have Political Twitter, Football Twitter, Activist twitter who a lot of the time also dabble in Political twitter but they are mostly about the fight for rights, in this group you will find defenders of minority and oppressed groups such as Feminists and LGBT rights defenders.

In Niche Twitter, you will have to consistently engage in the conversations of the day and sometimes start your own. Your consistent display of knowledge and your articulation is how you win over fans of niche twitter and get those retweets. Do this long enough and fame is at your doorstep.

Embrace Controversy

At this junction in human history, we are in the woke age. This means a lot of people are pointing out problematic norms in our society and preaching the gospel of reformation. When it comes to getting social media famous, this is probably the fastest and easiest way to do it. Just pick one of the hotly contested issues and say something controversial about it. It helps when you make a thread to back up your point. It gives legitimacy to your controversial comment. You don’t want to be seen to be fishing. There is an art to it and you can take lessons from @Ozzyetomi or @Kelvin_Odanz.

Just pick a side on a controversial issue and say something you know the other side would be enraged about. Sit back and watch your twitter stock rise.

Provide Impactful Knowledge/Skill

Ever heard of @OgbeniDipo? If you have, then his route to fame is working. He uses his knowledge and experience to provide life-altering advice for other users. From CV tips to Interview tips, his handle is known for encouraging and providing academic and career improvement tips. He’s also known to tweet scholarships. So if you can offer people knowledge or a skill that improves their life, you bet your ass they will come frolicking to you. OgbeniDipo is so popular for his value that a joke was created just for him.

Handles like @FireOFola who is a food vendor that also provides free meals to the less privileged. Accounts that provide betting tips also have their own share of the Twitter fame pie.

So reach down into your bag of knowledge and skills and find sugar crumbs for the Twittersphere to find.

Be a court jester

Above all, people love to laugh and take a moment to decompress from the stress of their day. Funny tweets help that. If you are witty and got a funny bone inside you, you bet your ass fame will find you. Just don’t get caught stealing tweets. The Twittersphere does not appreciate that.



So, that’s it. Just a few ways for you to satisfy your need to be twitter famous. If you are talented enough to combine 2 or 3 of these methods, popularity will be yours. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and post those tweets!

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