Top 10 Best Offline Action Games for iOS Devices in 2020

best offline action games for ios

It is public knowledge that Apple, the developer of IOS devices (iPhones and iPads) is very strict about the exclusiveness of its services. File downloads and installations, on IOS devices, are only allowed on Apple’s IOS platform and a host of few permitted platforms. This restricts the classes of files, like games, available to iPhone and iPad users. However, Apple’s IOS platform and other third-party platforms offer a host of very interesting games, which cut across all genres, to their users. Hence, this article provides insights into the best offline action games for IOS devices (iPhone and iPad) right now.

 The best offline action games for IOS users

  1. Dead Trigger 2
  2. Alto’s Odyssey
  3. Holedown
  4. Overkill 3
  5. Lonewolf
  6. Hitman Sniper
  7. Six Guns Gang Showdown
  8. Space Pioneer
  9. Pokemon Quest
  10. Nova Legacy


Price: Free

Dead Trigger 2 is a game, which illustrates a zombie apocalypse, where you are required to shoot and kills hordes of zombies to survive. If you are one that loves gory-themed games, then look no further.


Price: $4.99

Alto’s Odyssey is a modified/updated version of Alto’s Adventure. Just like in the Adventure series, this game involves guiding Alto, to collect as many coins as possible, across a series of beautiful landscapes of deserts, dunes, vistas, cliffs among others. The thrill of guiding Alto, coupled with the exciting aesthetic values of the landscapes, make the game stand out, as one of the best action games supported on Apple’s IOS platform.


Price: $3.99

Holedown comfortably earns its place among our top 10 offline action games for iOS in 2018. This game is another epic thrill of arcade styled brick – breaking genre. Players shoot balls to blow off bricks in search of concealed gems, which is hidden deep beneath the ground. The more gems you collect, the stronger you become, to explore more gems. Holedown is strongly recommended for all arcade lovers using IOS devices.



Price: Free

Overkill 3 is only supported on devices with IOS 7 and above. The game’s layout has 8 environments – 60 battlegrounds and 4 game modes. It is arguably one of the best offline action games for IOS devices.


Price: Free

Lonewolf is only supported on iOS 7 and above. The game is action – packed with lots of violence (unexplained killings), graphical contents and gory scenes. Hence, it is only available to adults (17 years and above) on the iOS App Store. Lonewolf is arguably one of the best offline games on IOS in 2018 and it is strongly recommended to action/epic game lovers.



Price: $4.99

This game is only supported on iOS 8 devices and later versions. The game is a virtual illustration of the movie: Hitman, where a character (Agent 47) goes on missions involving infiltrating marked locations and eliminating targets (with his choice weapon – Sniper). The age rating of this game is 17 and above. If you own an iPhone or iPad, this game is definitely one to check out.


Price: Free

Six Guns Gang Showdown, as the name implies is a, illustrates the gang life of gunslinger cowboys. In this game, you take control of the main character (a trouble-seeking outlaw). While the game was actually released 7 years ago, it still remains one of most downloaded offline games today. The game is a total action-packed classic, featuring robbers, outlaws and even vampires.



Price: Free

Space Pioneer takes the player into the world of galactic exploration. It is a design of space colonialist, who explores new planets and destroys the aliens and hordes encountered on the colonialist missions. This game comfortably earns its place on our list of top offline action games for IOS devices.


Price: Free

Pokeman Quest is an absolute thrill for action games lovers. The game merges Pokemon pet collection with a Minecraft-looking cubic feature. The game involves an adventurous campaign, which involves exploring an Island (Tumblecube), discovering loots and fighting off some wild critters. It is a game worthy of checking out for IOS users.


Price: Free

Nova Legacy is one of the best offline action games for iOS devices. The main characters in the game are Kal and Yelena, whose mission entails going on truth-finding missions. The game, unlike most action games on iOS App Store, has an age rating of 12 years and above.

If you use any of the IOS devices (iPhone or iPad) and you are a lover of action/epic games or someone who likes to blow things off, this article is specially developed for you.

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