How to Do Reverse Image Search on Google on Your Phone

Do you know that you can conduct an image search of an item or a landmark on Google? I bet you don’t. This article provides the step-by-step guide to conducting a reverse image search on Google.

How Reverse Image Search Works

If you want to carry out a reverse image search on Google, you are required to have the digital image or a related picture of the item to search. Reverse image search does not only display image results but also accompany it with relevant information (related websites, names, location among others).

Normally, when an image search is carried out on Google, the result(s) may include the following:

  • Web platforms (websites, blogs, social media sites among others) that include the searched image.
  • Similar images (for instance, an image search of a stadium is likely to bring up the images of popular stadiums).
  • Other dimensions (sizes) of the searched image on the internet.
  • Name and location (if the searched image is a popular landmark).
  • Name and other details (if the searched image is a popular figure)
  • Other minor details.

This is most efficient when searching for popular items, landmarks, celebrities, automobile etc.; basically, an image which is already on the internet is easier to search. For instance, one is likely to get more results when conducting a reverse image search of a popular music star than when searching for an unpopular relative.

Steps to Follow in Carrying Out Reverse Image Search on a Mobile Phone

You can perform a reverse image search on Google, using your mobile phone. It is supported on virtually all recent smartphones (android and IOS devices i.e. iPhone and iPad). To conduct a reverse image search on Google using your mobile phone, Google Chrome is the recommended browser. The simple steps to follow are outlined below:

  • Open the Google Chrome App on your mobile phone and visit
  • Tap on your browser menu and tick the box in front of “Desktop site”.

reverse image search on mobile phone

  • Tap on the camera icon as shown below.

reverse image search mobile

  • You can either past image URL or upload one.
  • The image will upload on Google and the search result comes out.

 reverse image search

Steps to Follow in Carrying Out Reverse Image Search on a PC

You can conduct a reverse image search on Google, using your laptop, notebook or desktop. The following are the supported browsers, to conduct the reverse image search:

  • Google Chrome 5+
  • Firefox 4+
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Safari 5+

Once you have any of the above browsers installed on your laptop or desktop, the following steps should be followed to conduct a reverse image search on Google:

  • Upload an image from your computer and search on any images – result page (such as com).
  • Drag and drop an image (from your computer) into the search box.
  • Search using an image URL on “” (Google Chrome).
  • Right-click an image on a site and conduct a direct Google image search on the image (supported only on Google Chrome and Firefox).

Google stores all images uploaded through its search engines. It uses these images to enhance subsequent search results and for products and services adverts (Google ads.).

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After carefully going through this article, I am sure you would (by now) be able to carry out reverse image search on Google.

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