Apple Previews iOS 16 with Customizable Lock Screen and Update to Messages

ios 16

Apple on Monday at its WWDC 2022 keynote showcased the iOS 16 ahead of its release this fall. iOS 16 packs new features including customizable lock, new sharing, and updates to Messages among others.

Starting with the lock screen, it gets its biggest update in years with Apple giving users the ability to personalize it. Apple is introducing a new multi-layered effect and users can now customize the date and time with different fonts and colour options. The lock screen widgets have also been updated to show notifications at a glance without unlocking the phone.

Apple says Focus, the tool it introduced on iOS 15 is now more powerful than ever on iOS 16. Focus now connects to the lock screen which means each mode can connect to the lock screen with customizable wallpapers and widgets.

iOS 16 brings a new iCloud Shared Photo Library that lets up to six users curate, view edit or delete photos from those in the same library. Another big update iOS 16 is bringing is coming to Messages. Users will now be able to edit or recall recently sent messages, recover recently deleted messages and mark conversations as unread. SharePlay is now integrated with Messages which means people enjoy watching movies or playing songs with shared playback controls while chatting.

Other features in iOS16 include the option to schedule emails in Mails ahead of time, significant updates to Live Text with the ability to pause a video on any frame, pay later option to Apple Wallet, and integration of Car Play to a car’s hardware and many more.

A full list of all new updates coming to iOS 16 is on Apple’s newsroom. The new OS will only be available to iPhone 8 and later when it comes out this fall.

Image: Apple

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