How to Buy Twitter Followers and Grow your Account

how to be twitter famous - buy twitter followers

What makes social media networks such as Twitter fun and great is its ability as a conduit to achieve our dreams of being popular. Of being someone important that people want to listen to. The metric by which we mostly determine this is our number of followers. The higher your number of followers, the bigger you are and more likely to be internet famous.

Getting those followers, however, can be quite the audacious task. Unless you are real-world famous, building a new account from scratch into one big enough to earn Twitter clout and wield influence could take months and sometimes years. It would just be a lot easier to pay money and earn those powers in an instant. Well, you can do the former. It just doesn’t necessarily come with the latter.

Buying of followers is a long-standing service offered to those who desire it ever since it was discovered that popularity on the network can have real-life impact. Back when the sheer number of followers convinced people you were a big deal and thus placed you on a pedestal, it made complete sense to pay money for followers.

But this is 2020 and Twitter users are more interested in the value you provide to their timeline than the number of followers you have. Following for the sake of it is a dying trend on the network.

Whatever your reason might be for wanting to buy Twitter followers, it is important to consider two things…

  1. Your impact on the timeline and clout is determined by the level of engagement with your tweets. So say, you want to buy followers because you intend to sell yourself as a digital marketer to brands and get gigs, gone are the days when they handed contracts to Twitter users off their follower count alone. Today, with Twitter’s analytics brands are more focused on the level of engagement your tweets get from the community. The number of people who retweet your tweets, the number of those who comment and or like. That is where true clout comes from. If you have these things in abundance, your follower count is irrelevant although because these metrics reflect often people like your tweets, you are more likely to have high follower counts if your engagement metrics is high.
  1. You cannot determine if you are buying real or fake Followers. A lot of services will advertise they are offering real followers but because of your high number of followers, it is difficult to determine if you are getting real or fake followers. Furthermore, whatever your reason is for buying followers, you have to make sure you never get caught. The community frowns upon follower buyers as they consider it a betrayal of the implicit trust between members of the community. So whatever your reason might be, either as a digital marketer or just seeking online fame, remember that your influence dies when you get found out. So don’t.

Ways to Buy Twitter Followers

One thing I should however add is, it is a lot harder to maintain your bought followers now. With Twitter new hardened stance against bots and suspicious accounts(some real followers services will sell to you are inactive accounts), you might find yourself going from 300 to 20,000 in two days then back to 200 in a week. Twitter did house cleaning and you lost some actual followers because you betrayed that trust.

If you are however still willing to take the risk, here are a couple ways to buy Twitter followers.

  1. Twitter Ads: Twitter’s Promoted Tweets service is basically the best way to grow your follower base in a short period of time. It ensures that your followers are real and you are never in danger of being exposed as a fraud. It is an accelerated way of growing an account organically by promoting your tweets to the audiences you desire. It takes your tweets and puts it in front of those who have an interest in your chosen niche. So while normal organic growth would have you only depending on the few that follow you to retweet you, and hopefully those who like the tweet follow you in return, Twitter Ads puts your tweets in front of a broader audience without prior engagements by other users. And the best part of it? It is cheap. You pay based on the number of people who follow you from each tweet.
  1. Buying an existing account: This is a form of buying Twitter followers that is most suitable for brands who are looking to establish an online presence immediately. By finding users with a large number of followers and buying the account from them, all you have to do is rename the account and it is yours. It is the Twitter equivalent of buying a serviced apartment. There is the risk of the existing followers unfollowing because they did not follow your account willingly but you only most likely to lose a few hundred followers in the process and if your brand online engagement service is good, you will regain those followers and more in a few weeks.

Those are the two real ways to buy Twitter followers. But do not forget, the only number that counts today in social media are your engagement numbers. Do not forget this before shelling out hundreds of thousands on Follower boosting services.

Good luck.


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