How to Slide into DMs on Twitter -Twitter DMs Explained!

how to slide into dms on twitter

Sliding into Twitter DMs is one of those things that is easy but tricky. It is about walking a fine line with rules that change depending on the purpose of the DM. There are different reasons for which users take that slide into the DMs and each of them has their own methods. Professional, Friendship, Relationship, Sex are some of the popular reasons to send a DM on Twitter and each one demands a different approach. We understand the struggles and that’s why we’ve put out this article on how to slide into DMs on Twitter.

Here are a few tips on how to slide into DMs on Twitter

How to Slide into DMs on Twitter the Right Way

Professional Reason

Twitter is a great place to meet, interact and pick the brains of seasoned professionals in various industries and taking full advantage of this depends on your interpersonal skills. This starts with how you start the conversation. One thing you must always remember is if you are purely there for professional reasons, keep it professional by introducing yourself and what you want. When it comes to professional DMs, the motto is – Go straight to the point.

‘Hi, you look handsome/beautiful in your avi’ is not a valid way to engage a person professionally. You should presume that professionals are busy and spending time on frivolities when your purpose is a professional nature is a waste of their time.

Introduce yourself and state your problem.

‘Hello, I’m Seun and I would like to know if you deliver your products to Akure.’

It is straightforward and you get your answer in one line or two without wasting their time. This approach ensures that more often than not, you will get a reply because the professional only has to commit a few seconds of their time to reply to you.

Friendship/Relationship Reason

Social media has taken the work telephones started further, by compressing the world and taking us closer to the literal reality of the phrase ‘global village’. The natural consequence of this is easier than ever to make friends across the globe and expand your dating pool.

To take advantage of this, one must find the right approach as with starting every interpersonal relationship in life. The tricky part here, however, is because unlike real life where you can see their facial expression and general demeanour, you are interacting in digital space where you can’t always be certain of the approach that would get your results. No one likes being aired. However, there are still methods that ensure you get an audience as long as you are not trying to talk to a shitty person.

  1. Number one step to sliding into a DM for friendship or a romantic relationship is to have their attention before sending that first DM. A conversation on the timeline to establish an acknowledgement of your handle, especially if you are a man looking to talk to a pretty girl. They tend to get a lot of DMs, with many aired. So it is best to make yourself known before making that DM transition. Of course, there are those who go straight into the DM. There have been mixed results with that approach.
  2. Be courteous and respectful. Regardless of your reasons for the DM, always be respectful. Understand there is a human being with their own problems and challenges behind the keyboard and they deserve respect.
  3. To those who prefer not to establish a prior relationship with their intended DM recipient on the timeline, it becomes more imperative to stand out and this is where your creativity and wittiness will be needed. Being witty enough that they are compelled to appreciate your creativity is how you stand out and get that number. Such as these…

Smooth slidinghow to slide into dms on twitter

  1. Don’t be a creep. Saying things like you have been stalking them is not exactly an encouraging thing to say to a potential new friend or lover. Keep your creepiness until they are comfortable with you.

Sexual Reasons

We are in the age of sexual liberation. That means casual sex between non-couples is the norm now. We are not here to judge. It is what it is. But that liberation doesn’t translate to an absence of human decency in approach.

See that peng girl you desire to share a sexy time with? Arrest her attention and respect her decision whichever way it falls. Not much different from sending a DM so as to be friends or be lovers, it is about using wit and creativity to stand out from the pack, especially if you are choosing not to go through the timeline. Take this man for instance who found a way we love to communicate his desire…

how to slide into dms on twitter

Embrace your inner creativity and start sending out those DMs.

Lastly… I know you are proud of your penis and you are eager to show it off. DO NOT SEND UNSOLICITED DICK PICS. It is quite literally, a dick move and is 99% most likely to keep you from having a form of relationships with the recipient.

No matter how hard your dick might be, it is not an appropriate icebreaker. Don’t do it.


Remember, Twitter DMs are easy as long as you are familiar with the rules.
Be respectful, witty and courteous. We hope we’ve given you some confidence with these tips on how to slide into DMs on Twitter.

Happy Sliding.

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