Top 10 Funniest Nigerian Twitter Accounts

funniest nigerian twitter accounts

When your country is Nigeria and you don’t belong to any of the 1% who are only Nigerian in the country of residence, you need a sense of humour to get through your daily activities without losing your mind. Connecting to and seeing the funny of life is how we get through life in this country without committing mass suicide.

That’s very important life-saving tasks can be expensive at times with the price of comedy shows rising all over the country. But we are no longer bound to the capitalist whims of stand-up comedians. We have social media now and there are those who have taken up the mantle to get us through the day, one funny tweet at a time.

If you are looking at easing the mess that is Nigerian life with humour, these are the top 10 funniest Nigerian Twitter accounts who are guaranteed to deliver a smile to your face with their wit.

Funniest Nigerian Twitter Accounts to Follow

Mazi Ibe – @i_pissvodka

Ibe, without doubt, is up there in any list of the funniest Nigerian Twitter accounts. Certainly has the numbers to back it up. The digital entrepreneur has built a cult following from his hilarious tweets. Able to find the humour in whatever topic is causing raucous on the digital platform, Ibe is always there to provide something for those who just want to laugh and go.

Obumnenye – @The_Nenye

There is a saying on Twitter that women are not funny. There are those who insist it is not just a Twitter phenomenon. However, in the midst of generalizations, you are bound to find outliers who defy expectations. Nenye is one of those girls. Having taken advantage of the relatively new Twitter quote reply option, she has cemented herself as a go-to account for a laugh.

Nomso – @Zaddy_nomso

Fine boy with beards. The consistent mega retweets show he knows how to connect with what the people want and he delivers consistently. Sometimes, he strays into the controversial but that’s okay because this is Twitter and we feed off it too. You can rest assured that Nomso’s account will deliver the humour and controversial takes that your heart strives for. Certainly, one of the funniest Twitter accounts in the country.

Chidi Okereke – @chydee

Political Twitter members are often guilty of being stuck ups and only finding their funny bone at the expense of their enemies but that’s not Chidi. Certainly not with the range of his funny tweets across many topics from football to social issues. Chidi is guaranteed to throw in a funny tweet on a topic. It must be nice to be an activist, writer, social commentator and banter king.

Brenda Meke – @Brendalishus

Even staunch believers in the idea that women are not funny to concede their beliefs at the feet of Brenda. She may not always be rolling the funny tweets out like candy but when she does, she gets your stomach hurting in excessive laughter. Turns out wittiness is not a gender thing.

Justin Irabor – @TheVunderkind

Arguably the most hilarious account on Twitter for a lot of people. Certainly is for the bourgeoisie. If you aren’t looking for the slapstick humour that is common on Twitter, his account is the best at delivering that perfect mix of relatable and mature comedy. If you also like your comedy in graphic form, he’s a talented graphic artist at

Daniel Emamuzo – @BillionTwits

If Nomso knows how to connect with the larger audience that makes up Twitter, Daniel is the sculpture that shapes that audience. His consistent funny tweets and an ability to take the jokes where no one has gone has him defining the funny on the social network. If you doubt it, just go check his numbers.

Jack Robinson – @ FeralJack_

Jack gained his notoriety on Football Twitter but in recent months, he’s proven he has the wittiness to crack jokes about other sides of the Twittersphere. He rolls out hilarious tweets about Nigerian life and his social commentary comes with his own unique brand of humour. He’s certainly worth paying attention to.


The age of storytelling was born when Twitter gave us threads and it launched the popularity of Umeh. His funny stories are a stable of the Twitter timeline. Delivering interesting and perhaps life lessons in hilarious form, he’s one of the best when it comes to serialized humour on the social platform.


He’s been around for a while and among his friends, he can be the butt of the jokes but he’s a good sport about it. This is further evidence of how much of a delight he is to have on the timeline. His witty comebacks and snippy comments a fun to read and he certainly brighten up the timeline with his presence.

Twitter is littered with plenty of interesting users who together make Twitter a great place to relax from the stress of real life. This few, however, are the ones we trust to consistently provide that succour from the damage that is Nigeria.


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