First Bank Customer Care Number and Online Live Chat

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If you have enquiries you can either get through to First Bank customer care number or use the First Bank customer care online chat. If you are a First Bank account holder, there are times when you have an issue and need to get it resolved. First Bank customer care number is available to its customers 24/7 and they have competent agents ready to solve all customer complaints.

Problems Solved by First Bank Customer Care Number Line and Live Chat

  • Information on First Bank products and services.
  • Account balance enquiry
  • Card transaction issues
  • ATM card block request
  • Online banking enquiries
  • Online banking password reset
  • Stop cheque instruction
  • Card PIN re-issue request
  • Statement of account request
  • All complaints spanning across all First Bank products and services.

First Bank Customer Care Number Lines – 24/7 Availability

If you need to speak to First Bank customer care on phone, dial any of the numbers below. Make sure you have enough airtime on your phone if your complaint is much.

  • 234 708 062 5000
  • +234 1 9052326
  • +234 1 9052000
  • +234 1 448 5500

First Bank Customer Care Online Chat – 24/7 Availability

If you are the online kind of person then this option is for you. It is actually economical to contact them online instead of making calls to them.

WARNING: I’ve seen people dropping complaints and posting their bank details here, this is wrong and we will not be held liable for any scam or deductions that occurs on your accounts by preying scammers. This is just a guide on how to get through to your bank’s Customer Care service. Be warned!!!

How has been your experience with First Bank Customer Care Number Line and First Bank Customer Care Online Chat? Drop comments below.

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      • Hi ..pls i wanted to withdraw a certain amount of money some days back using atm card but i was debited without payment…I called first bank customer care and they said it will be reversed in 24hours time….Till now….there hasn’t been any reversal ….Please What should I do..?

        • Hi,am not happy with my bank now. I subscribed gotv via first mobile app on the ,7tj of April,uptil now,gotv have received and has not activated me. Pls treat as urgent,thanks

        • Good morning, please I’m having an issues with transactions; on the 4th of February, I tried to transfer money into my Branch Wallet, the money was debited but I never received any money into my Branch Wallet, on the 19th of March, I tried to transfer money to Costcutter super market, you debited me and didn not credit the Costcutter.
          Please I demand an explanation.

      • I made a transfer of 5,000 .this morning to my ecobank account: 3751055542- Sobowale Adekunle Jimmy from my first Bank mobile app. Yet my account is yet to be credited. My first Bank account:3023637884. Kindly help rectify this.

      • Hello gudmorning, pls I tried to make a withdrawal on the 18th day of this month, 7k it was done twice but approved once, later I got two times debit, kindly review and reverse. Thanks

      • Bros same as me o.. I recharged and I was debited but no card and I called and complained they said enh I should wait for 5 days.. 5days has passed o.. Person will even call call and call and even waste 500 card before they pick up

    • they refuse to answer emails when asked why they have not sorted out money because of internet
      has made me very angry when they have been contacted several times and refuse to give any explanation or give updates on what is happening

    • I have been calling and I have gone short of airtime still no one answered u keep on repeating ur words and I kept on dailing

    • Good day, I tried recharging 3000 on a airtel line via first bank mobile app, the transaction sent a non successful notification I retried again… Not for me to check balance and see have been debited 6000… Pls reverse the transaction…. Here is my acc no 3115971425

    • Pls I transfer money from diamond yhello account to my first bank account yesterday, I didn’t receive the money yet

    • Hello, good morning
      My name is Akporotu Larry O. I’m having an issue with money that was transferred to my account yesterday. I’ve tried calling but my calls don’t get attended to. I’ve complained on first bank official Facebook page as well. I need an answer please ’cause it’s really urgent

    • Please I dont know what is wrong with my acct, i can’t receive alert and I do business wuth customers are waiting please..

    • I have problem with my account I opened account with my phone from *894 and the can’t transfer what should I do and it is urgent

    • I bought data with through the firstbank USSD CODE since yesterday,I was debited instantly yet the data had not reflected till now, I’ve called the customer care line countless times, it’s not even connecting…

    • I have called the network provider and they said such transaction never took place on my number
      So it’s from my bank, the bank customer care isn’t even working

    • It depends, like 500,000. That’s if your using a permanent viters card or driver’s license but for temporary voters card, your account can’t be more than 90k. If its 100k you can’t access it.

  1. This is the second time am trying to recharge my phone and have been debited and my credit not sent. Kindly look into this, I know the money is small but little drops of water make an ocean.

  2. Please I need an update on western union ,do they operate even now that there is strike, please I am in portharcourt and I have a transaction to carry on I need this update is is so important

  3. How do I include all my other accounts in internet banking apps? I have 3 and have ATM card on them. It is only one that is on the app.

  4. Dear esteemed staff of firstbank, plsI want to understand how to invest on Nigeria treasury bills, I am interested in the 91 day window. use a figure to make me understand how to calculate the interest. tnx

  5. someone sent me some money to my account at 6/10/18, and I haven’t seen any alert, i have to call the person sent me the money so he could call his bank also and his own bank provide a verification number that the transaction is successful i went back to my bank with the transaction ID number but you customer care said they can’t do anything to it, first bank customer service is very bad, I feel so depressed about it, I try all those numbers you post they are busy

  6. Please my name is Nwafor victor Obinna. I want to know how to upgrade my daily transaction using *894#.the one hundred thousand maximum for a day is too low to my handling. Is there any code that I can use to upgrade it, thanks and God bless you first bank plc

  7. Please my atm card has expired and I need another one, presently am in abroad how can I get new one

  8. Hello
    I’m surprised I recharged a #500 MTN voucher since 25-OCT-2018 and was debited from my account and up till now, a reversal was not made and an MTN VTU was not credited too. I did an #100 recharge on the 26-OCT-2018 and was successfully debited from my account and an #100 VTU was credited. MTN said the initial problem was from my bank and am surprised it’s 4 days now and nothing as been done.

    I have the debited confirmation below:

    Your Acct ? Has Been Debited with NGN500.00 On 25-OCT-2018 22:16:01 By QS894:101300000981137091/2348107515732. Bal: NGN?CR

    And why are all the customer care numbers listed on the page not existing and available?


    • The *894# service is seriously misbehaving, is displaying saving account opening procedure.
      Please correct this anomaly.

    • hi sir or ma I sent money to my account number 3138488201 since 3deys ago from Dubai and I have not received the money in my account ok

  9. Pls I subscribed for gotv in two days ago and my account was debited without reconnecting me to gotv services, may I know what happened?

  10. I loaded card Nd it was deducted from my acct,pls help me to return it because it is not just happening

  11. Pls I need ur audience nd prompt action.last month salary was paid nd with immediate effect #56,000 nd little change was debited in place of #38,000 with little change(28,000loan repayment then NCC repayment).pls dre excessive charge of #18,000.pls do d needful

  12. automatically collection of my money
    without no alert
    or not even a reason sent as a sms
    I don’t really understand first bank now a days o


  14. may l know what’s happening to First bank of Nigeria…… l don’t understand why my Account in /with first bank will been crediting/credited another Bank without me doing the transactions since 16 October till now without solution ??? every bless day 4 thousand naira will be debited from my account n will been credited into someone account in GT Bank ??? thank

  15. please i need å reverse on the total amount of #300 recharge which you people debited me,first i complained of #100 as if that was not enough #200 i demand for å reverse has exceeded 48 hrs i dont want to write to CBN for the sake of #300

  16. Something is going in my account right they is one site they paystack payment in ikeja just Deb my with twenty thounsand naira and I want first Bank to do something about that my that is missing right I want my money back or I will colse my account with first Bank what is this

  17. I committed a crime by enrolling for BVN in your bank as several attempts to effect correction of same has proved abortive. You have terrible set of people at your customer service desk in that branch by Adeniyi Jones junction on Oba Akran, ikeja. I have visited that same branch for the 9th time last Monday and the issue still persist. My first name was erroneously repeated as my middle name i.e my middle name does not exist on my BVN details. All I need them to do is to lias with Nibss for correction as the error is not from me. I have my salary tied down at another bank leaving me to borrow from people just because your staff don’t know their job. I was told my request can be completed and reflect by 4pm same day if initiated early enough. I sent a message to your twitter handle @FBN_help while I was in the branch and didn’t get a response until after 2days.
    I hope this can be resolved here.

  18. I just try recharging my glo line online with *894#, was debited and yet my line was not credited. Please I want that transaction reversed. The total money debited was 2000 naira because I did it twice of 1000 naira each.

  19. Please, i made a transfer of #8000 i was debited but the recipient account was not credited. kindly help refund my money.

  20. someone sent money to me since last night and have I Haven’t receive alert and I want the money bad am tired of all this

  21. Please how can I call for a ref ID. Made transfer from first bank to Diamond using App but receipt was not generated.. And call nobody picked up. Plz I need urgent reply

  22. I tried to recharge through dialing *894*amount # a total of #1,150 was debited from my account but I did not receive the airtime from MTN.

  23. Please I transferred money to someone on Thursday I got a debit alert but the person didnt get the money.and it has not reversed back!!

    • Hello how are you doing today i need you help i have problem about my OTP . I just get new phone and i download firstbank mobile App since yesterday they are not send my OTP please help me out on it .

  24. Hello how are you doing today i have problem with my OTP i trying to download first app to my new phone but they are not send me my OTP since yesterday please i need you help asap

  25. Hello how are you doing today i need you help i have problem about my OTP . I just get new phone and i download firstbank mobile App since yesterday they are not send my OTP please help me out on it .

    • Hi how can I change my number on bvn I lost the formal number I use there I want to change it to 08100017854 from 08188491681

  26. I registered for Internet banking sometime this year, i wanted to use the service this morning and it showed me that my user ID has expired. My name is Rakiya L. Idris my account which links my other First Bank accounts is 3070383800.

    kindly let me know what to do, am i expected to go to the bank again or can you assist from the customer service level.

  27. Pls somebody make payment into my account this morning up thing now I have not received a credit alert what is wrong with it my account details 3117850793 Inya Precious Ogbonnia

  28. Hello Sir/Madam, Just to inform that i have not been receiving debit & credit information alert notification through email address. this are my acct detail. Name : Emmanuel Nse Ekpenyong , Acct no: 3025 3256 44, Email address: & Phone no: 0803939124, Please kindly notify me on daily information on my first bank saving account through my email also for good customer services. Thanks my regards to you all and happy xmas in advance.

  29. Please I need a reverse of my money. I recharge #200 and you people deducted #400 from my account. Am not happy about such services.

  30. good madam/sir, this is a fraud alert. i paid in #10,000 (5000 each) into this account:
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3100107824









  31. Adeleye Opeyemi babatunde
    Account number 3029081324
    All transactions I make to account number
    Access bank is not reflect #3000 was paid from my mobile phone

    And I activated to my gotv account today

    IUC 2028986191 and IUC 2022309144

    it’s not reflected on both accounts as well and all the money as deducted

    Please help

  32. I made a recharge of #500 from my first bank accont on the 13/12/2018 but to my surprise my accont was debited but my line was not recharged. I went ahead calling first bank customer care and I was told it will be reversed within five working days. Nothing has been done about it till now. Today again I regarded another #500 from the same first bank accont of mine but my accont was debited but my line was not recharged again. Please help me look into by reversing #1000

  33. please I bought #200.00 on the 02/01/2019 my Account was debited twice without my MTN been credited and just now I requested for #500.00 MTN card on line my account is debited without my MTN line being created. kindly my MTN line now with the said amounts

  34. God day sir, am by name Ibrahim Ahmad with account number 2020732389,and phone number 08025044148, I made a transaction at about 4:40pm yesterday 09/01/2019 through ATM machine in Kaura Namoda Zamfara State, in which I requested for #40,000 the money was not and my ATM card was not out after a while the card came out telling me out of service without the money. I later request for #20,000 three times I got the money and #2000 making #62,000. I later check my balance #102,000 was deducted from my account. I will be very happy if my money will be reverse back to my account. Am in need of the money urgently. Thanks

  35. I withdraw 2000 naira from union bank 33 new market road nkpor – Agu Anambra state on 17 January 2019 but was debited and not paid.

  36. I made a recharge of #900 from my first bank account on the 26/01/2019 but my account was debited but my line was not recharged. I contacted the mtn customer service and they told me the problem is from my bank that I should be patient that the money is going to be reversed back into my first bank account but nothing has been done about it till now. Please help me look into it and make the possible solution to it. Thanks. 08065689573.

  37. What’s all this rubbish all about, it is better you don’t have customer care line than wasting someone’s airtime, I’m really dissapointed, I wasted #200airtime just now, at least I use some other bank, and they we’re not like this

  38. If ur account was debited for failed transaction, d value wil b reversed back to your acct within 24hrs or seven wrking days. Just check your balance for increase as reversal does not generate alert. I kno cos i wrk with Firstbank(Best Bank in Nigeria)

  39. How cay you say that best bank in Nigeria are you kidding me with all these unresolved problems…Do you know how many emails i have sent to this bank and a problem has linger for 5 good working days without resolving it…It seems this take pleasure in creating emotional torture in their costumers….if you actually work with first bank i want a reply from you sooner than later.

  40. I actually want to know why should be an interference or put my account on hold unjustly even without my knowledge and permission ,i have sent emails to their email box yet the problem is not solved i personal went to the and had the upgrade done at Ayobo branch but right now i don’t why they are putting my bank on hold or what upgrade they are talking about and i am not in the country right now.please i want answers and solutions .

  41. I sent some money to someone with ATM machine at 2/03/19, and the person haven’t seen any alert, pls can i knw what going on pls….

  42. please am not in nigeria now, please how can i activate first bank on line banking? please get back to me on my email is urgent

  43. I sent a mail✉ since Friday and am yet to receive a response
    I called all the customer care line severally no one answered it’s really not encouraging as other banks don’t take forever to reply their mails… You need to put more effort on attending to your customers through this means.. I need not to visit a bank at all times for small issues that can be sorted out through mails or phone call…
    I only requested for my bank statement and it’s taking forever

    • I bought airtime at about 4am this morning but was not credit on my phone but debit on my account #250… This is the third its happening and this is my first time of complaining, pls firstbank reverse my money, thanks.

  44. Hallo, today, the 29th day of March 2019, I was debited with the sum of N60,000 ( sixty thousand naira) at ATM along Lekki/Epe express way, Lagos, without being paid the liquid corresponding cash. I have tried the lines here but no one picked up. Please what will I do.

  45. I bought an airtime of 200 naira online on my first bank account, my money was deducted from my bank but didn’t recharged me with 200 Naira, this happened on the 5th of April 2019 around after 11 o’clock AM. Please reverse my money back as this will be the second time am experiencing this , the first time was Feb 23th where 400 naira was removed on the same way

  46. I bought card from my account tru first mobile…. My money was deducted but no card pls I need my money back or my card.. That’s d last card with me…1000 card precisely

  47. I wanna contact live chat person first bank nigeria please give me option where i must contacting its all about froud

  48. I subsscibed Gotv plus at 2000 naira yesterday, I was deducted and I was not subsscibed. Please kindly help m e out

  49. Good morning i have a problem, i lost my ATM card long time ago back in Nigeria and now i’m in Ghana i have been doing some transfer here in Ghana with MTN code but of recent i notice the transaction doesn’t work for me again instead they tell me i have no card to continue this process, so what need you to help me out if there is any way i can make transfer with my MTN code even though is going to cost me some charges i’m ready for it.

  50. please I bought airtime for someone on my phone using *894# now I have been debited and is not reflected on the person account…..I want my money back

  51. Pls I made payment through remita up till now i didn’t reflect on my school portal and registration is closing tomorrow

  52. Good morning sir/ma.
    I’ve opened an account with First bank since last two weeks and am still unable to get my account number. Why?

  53. hello please what is the code for blocking first bank account, my sister has been blackmailed, she receieved a call and called her bvn code to them and her atm card pins. she wants to block the account before they withdraw her money.

  54. hello please what is the code for blocking first bank account, my sister has been blackmailed, she recieved a call and called her bvn code to them and her atm card pins. she wants to block the account before they withdraw her money.

  55. Good morning to you FBN Customer Care Team. I woke up this morning to find out that I can’t access my account via your App which of course I’ve been using for several months now. When I tried to log in, “no customer details found ” popped up! And next was “no account found”!
    Please what could be going on with my account? Or how do I come out of this as I need to make some urgent transactions.
    I would appreciate a reply please. Thanks.

  56. Please i try recharging my phone from my account yesterday and I was debited but not credited till now and it was not reversed back to my account

  57. Pls I made a transaction on Monday 6/05/2018 which was unsuccessfully and I was debited my money asnt being refunded pls I need my money to be refunded thank you

  58. Today makes it the tenth time I’ll be debited for recharging through my mobile app and I won’t receive the airtime, this nonsense has to stop, I called your customer care line countless times but they will never pick my call,first bank is the worst bank so far, no regards for customers

  59. I attempted to buy a mtn recharge card of 2200 from my first Bank account amount was deducted but airtime not credited to my line on 30/4/19 12:56 pm

  60. I make transaction of 2000 to someone and the transaction fail and my acc was debit 4times. 8000 was debit in my account.. Dis is absolutely unfair.I check my bank statement no money was recorded.. 24hour now my money as not being reversed

  61. This is absolutely nonenses.wat is the essence of this online care.. this bank has not improve still remain d same just like house mode block with unreasonable old staff… everything abt first bank was poor, poor networking transaction,with old staff both cashier and customer care dep… it better u change name from first bank.. bsc I dnt no y den name it first bank.. his better u change it to LAST BANK… scam bank how can someone text, called,no respond.. and you are called first bank… Am losing my money calling and texting no respond..scam bank

  62. I James Aderemi Olufemi, with account number 2020773023,made a web payment of #100,500 to Branch this morning and till now, it has not been delivered to Branch and the money is no longer in my account.

  63. My name is Abimbola Olanrewaju Alakaba, I made an online payment of 3,500naira through inter-switch yesterday 6th of June 2019, my account was debited and my online wallet was not credited. After the transaction it wrote transaction successful, kindly look into it pls.

  64. First bank not making me happy at the moment. they restricted me from doing transaction with my account with no prior notice. even after submitting all required documents to them. They are still yet to respond. am very disappointed with your services.

  65. Some cash was transferred to my account this morning and the money haven’t reflect in my account still

  66. Hello, cash was transfer from gtbank App to my first bank account yesterday and receipt has been generated that the transaction was successful. Till now making it 12hrs and have not receive the money in my account, what do I do?

  67. Please i recharge from my bank and i was debited but did not get the value for my transaction, i need this resolve ASAP. Thanks.

  68. I visited your branch to change my name after marriage, and was told I need Sworn Affidavit after presenting my marriage certificate, valid Identity card (bearing my husband’s name) and newspaper publication. I am a dissatisfied customer because I earlier visited same branch and was told I need only what I presented. What do I need Sworn Affidavit for? My friend with another bank did her own without sworn affidavit.
    Please I need quick response…

  69. Please i woke up this morning to check my account and I noticed my whole money was gone andown account balance was -13730 niara.. i have been calling first bank no response, I have written emails but no reply. The funny thing is that I got no alert that my account was debited and it does not reflect on my bank statement. I made no such transcation with my account. Why this. Why me. I need my money someone please help


  71. Please i have been trying to transfer money to my bet9ja account but an OTP was sent to me through a mobile number, but the mobile number is not my number, my account number is 3037004212 and my mobile number is 2348032546630 while the mobile number where the OTP was sent is 234814***6977. Thanks for help

  72. I recharged my phone last night 28/10/2019 through my account, i was debited but didn’t see the airtime on my phone. Please reverse the money. Thanks

  73. I need to change my phone number to enable me receive otp, first contact gave approval after sending necessary papers and was asked to contact first bank or first contact which l have been trying to for the past one week. The automated voice keeps repeating same thing over and over. What do l do. I’m presently not in Nigeria. Thanks

  74. Have apply for loan ,but I was not able to apply ,the one i borrowed have paid back ,but i want to apply for another one pls i need assistant

  75. hello Please I can pay for transactions online with my Firstbank debit card since morning, it been giving (authentication failed, incorrect OTP).

  76. Good day I bought mtn credit of 4800 around 12 noon but the line 08149736279 has not been credited and my first bank account 3054033738 has been debited

    • First bank please return my money back to me please, 3049900896. I don’t know that someone would sent money to me and deducted my money why

  77. Good day I bought mtn credit of 4800 around 12 noon but the line 08149736279 has not been credited and my first bank account 3054033738 has been debited

  78. This bank is a piece of shit, I bought recharge card with ussd code and they debited me and no card was loaded on my sim

  79. Somebody is using first bank account number to collect money for people pls I help your help.

  80. hello sir someone transfer 274,000 to my account since Friday and i did not see alert till now how can you help me out please……
    secondly have lost my ATM so i want you to block it for me.

  81. up to 4 times now that I will recharge through my bank account and you will be debiting me without successful transaction. I want all my money back

  82. It’s rather sad and annoying that we use airtime to put calls through to the customer care line and after lots and lots of talk and advert, no one gets to speak. I think you guys should consider the fact that those calls are not free. I had an emergency today where I loaded airtime to my number and I was debited without getting the airtime. I called the customer care line for minutes and all I heard was adverts and adverts. With my airtime?

  83. Pls I recharged from my first bank and my money is supposed to remain 500hundred naira but wat I’m seeing on my balance is 188naira I really don’t understand why you guys are just cutting my money like dis

  84. Pls I made a recharge of data 1500 in my acct I’ve been debited since morning , and my Airtel line was not Credited the data yet .

  85. Good morning, i want to make a complaint about a transaction i made this morning, i recharged #500 from my bank and i received a debit alert but haven’t gotten the airtime yet, i called the customer care and they confirmed that it was from my bank, this isn’t the first that such is happening, pls you guy got to do something about all this issue because this is money we kept in you guys custody and we can’t start finding it difficult to get access to our own money when we need it.

  86. I’m trying to transfer do a quick banking transfer which is very important to my life, this is not understandable enough you guys telling me can’t use card pin to authenticate because i don’t have any card what dose that has to do with me,I can decided not to have any card it’s not by force and beside,i registers for ussd banking,the money i suppose to send out is 48000 I’m able to send 20k since this morning the rest is not going telling me shit,why u people making life so hard like this is driving me crazy the owner of the money thought i don’t want to send his money wtf and beside I’m a pregnant woman and im very heavy can’t even go to the bank pls resolve this

  87. I’m Udoh Chukwudi Gabriel, Acc details: Udoh Chukwudi Gabriel 3070710400. Last week all my transactions were not sent sent to me correctly, money is missing from my account and the money is with you guys. At this point I’m demanding for my statements of acc from first of this month to date. And it should be sent to my email thanks.

  88. First bank please return my money back to me please, 3049900896. I don’t know that someone would sent money to me and deducted my money why

  89. Good evening someone sent me money 150k since on Sunday till now have not received the money

  90. Hello I withdraw at the POs and bring errors and I was debit but the POs can’t see the money successfully but I was debit I want my money to be refund now 9700085017 that my account I want my money to be refunded

  91. Please I need my money back, I bought data using the USSD since yesterday and till now I haven’t seen the data, and I was debited instantly,I’ve called the telecommunication company and they said such transaction never took place on my line so I should check the bank, I’ve called your customer care countless times and the number isn’t even connecting, please I need my message attended to and my money returned, I even request for last five transactions statement and the transaction was one of them so please do something

  92. I tried to withdrawal some money with my ATM card i was debited without payment I have fill form since one month ago till now but no reversal

  93. I tried to withdrawal some money on the 18th of February and i was debited #26,000 without seeing anything and i have filled the form since one month ago till now but i have not received my money back please i need that money to help my pregnant wife please that money is important for me and my family now please please

  94. I transfer from this account 3040155252 to olowultemitope on April 1 and my money never reverse since then please help me out

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