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If you have enquiries you can either get through to Zenith Bank Customer Care Number lines or use the Zenith Bank Customer Care Live Chat. If you are a Zenith Bank account holder, there are times when you have an issue and need to get it resolved. Zenith Bank customer care number line is available to its customers 24/7 and they have competent agents ready to solve all customer complaints.

Problems Solved by Zenith Bank Customer Care Number Lines and Live Chat

  • Information on Zenith Bank products and services.
  • Account balance enquiry
  • Card transaction issues
  • ATM card block request
  • Online banking enquiries
  • Online banking password reset
  • Stop cheque instruction
  • Card PIN re-issue request
  • Dormant account reactivation
  • Account reactivation
  • General Account issues
  • Cheque book request
  • Statement of account request
  • All complaints spanning across all Zenith Bank products and services.

Zenith Bank Customer Care Number Lines – 24/7 Availability

If you need to speak to Zenith Bank customer care on phone, dial any of the numbers below. Make sure you have enough airtime on your phone if your complaint is going to take some time.

  • General Enquiries
    234-1-2787000, 2927000, 4647000, 0700ZENITHBANK
  • Account Opening
    For questions about your current/savings/fixed deposit account or all other accounts –
    234-1-2783100, 2783078, 2783076, 2783074, 2783080
  • Internet Banking
    For questions about your Internet banking account-
    234-1-2787000, 2788000
  • Card Services
    For questions about your Card (MasterCard, Vpay, VisaCard and any other type of card)
    234-01- 2781740, 2782273
    Hotline: 0700 ZENITHBANK
  • Corporate Internet Banking
    For questions about our Corporate Internet Banking
    234-1-2781543, 2782734, 2784056, 2781588, 2781555, 2781568, 2787000
  • Zenith Registrars Limited
    For questions about our Corporate Internet Banking
  • E-Business
    For questions about our e-products and services
    234-1-2787000, 2927000, 4647000, 0700ZENITHBANK
  • Zenith Insurance Company
    For questions about our e-products and services
    234-1-2783411, 2783421, 2701004-5, 4613704

Zenith Bank Nigeria Live Chat – 24/7 Availability

If you are the online kind of person then this option is for you. It is actually economical to contact them online instead of making calls to them.

WARNING: I’ve seen people dropping complaints and posting their bank details here, this is wrong and we will not be held liable for any scam or deductions that occurs on your accounts by preying scammers. This is just a guide on how to get through to your bank’s Customer Care service. Be warned!!!

How has been your experience with Zenith Bank Customer Care Number Lines and Zenith Bank Nigeria Live Chat? Drop comments below.

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  1. I collected a zenith bank domiciliary account and i was given a red booklet to fill. I found 2 mandate for domicilliary account. please who will fill those 2? I or the referees? hoping to hear from you soon

  2. I was debited twice on 15 march 400 and 300 my account name is Odafe James and phone number 07061378078 pls revert

  3. I was debited on the 27 February 2018 10,000 I have been going to zeniths bank to complain up till now they have not reverse it plz help me account name Joshua sani phone num 08063970786

  4. Change my alert number from 08130430948 to this number 08064827471 please help me am seeing alerts the I lose my phone

    • A transfer was done to my account and the customer was debited but I wasn’t credited till now it 7000

  5. I cant receive alert on this my mtn SIM 08138059426 and cant check my account balance on my phone is saying my number does not have an account and is the sim i use to open it

  6. I sent #17,000 to someone about 11pm last night, up till now she’s yet to receive the money. She has visited her bank (Access Bank), and they asked her to call the sender and his bank for more information. Please how do i get this resolve?
    My acct details: 2177832132. (MOKELIFI JOHNSON THANKGOD).

  7. I transfered airtym of 500 to my friend yesterday nd up till now the person haven’t seen the card nd I was debited

  8. You are talking about experiencing quality and value adding service when you people debited me from ATM without paying me since 2 May, I hv complain severally, the time they gave hv elapsed. Pls I need my money back. 08099448343

  9. I tried my ATM Card to withdraw, but the machine bring my card immediately showing that ”card is not smart” What is that mean.

  10. I transferred 5000 to someone since on Friday last week and till today she hasn’t received the money,I don’t know why and I’m now looking like a liar.

    • Hello,I am try to deposit certain amount of money to Olymp trade market, and it doesn’t work so I can’t trade in the market.
      What can I do?

  11. I don’t seem to understand why I have not been to use Zenith short code I.e *966# services for transfer ,purchase of airtime,etc .This started when I changed my alert line from glo to airtel and airtel line to mtn.These changes were made due to inability to receive alert and the theft of my phone respectively. I have been unable to use d service right from d time I changed to airtel line.d response I get is that d account is already in use.pls can u rectify this from your end bcoz those at ur customer care desk in agege asked me to call ur customer care line.
    I will be so happy if this issue is swiftly attended to .

  12. Zenith bank Dr Amt 50naria from my account which they call stamp duty charges.and my balance was #6,093.39 and after the Dr the 50naria they showed me that my balance is now #3,986.78.why

  13. Some one transfer money to me from diamond bank on Monday morning till now not yet see the money,I went diamond bank this is what they give to me they said that the money as been send to my account ………………Your Complaint-DB-181115331886 has been reviewed,Successful: 000005181112114730626666013707

  14. zenith bank deducted one thousand naira from my account for no reason and they refused to pick up my call when I called their customer care line to lodge a complaint

  15. I am bringing this complain to the board of zenith bank regarding the money i mistakenly transferred to another person Eco bank account (200,000.00 naira) from my zenith bank account since 29th Jan 2018 till date i have not receive my money back and i have been sending email to this email id ZenithDirect@zenithbank.com , obiageli.igwe@zenithbank.com. Zenith Bank Customer Care ask me to go and get court order if i needed the money very fast, i went and got the documents from the court and send it to them, after that they referred me back to Eco bank to get acknowledgement letter from them which i did, the annoying part of it is that zenith bank said that my money has being transferred back to my account since November 29th, 2018 without my knowledge why Eco bank told me that the money was transferred to Zenith bank account December 12th 2018. I asked Zenith bank for prove concerning the claim on them returning my money, no evidence was given to me till date. I complained again to zenith bank customer care through this email ZenithDirect@zenithbank.com they said if i am doubting i should contact any zenith bank branches for account statement, then i contacted my account officer regarding my statement of my account which i don’t know how she manage to work in the bank or she has a plan with Zenith Customer Care to steal the money because she has not replied my messages or pick my calls. I need my money or this issue will go viral on internet.

  16. I made a transfer to someone yesterday and I was debited but the customer didn’t get value for the money till now.. kindly assist

  17. dear sir, good evening how is work and your family, sir someone has trasfer money to my accout on saturday aroud 1;51 but i didn’t received alert ,i also quickly check my accout balance nothing increase for the accout, but the time that he trasfer the cash was show succeful.

  18. I have since submitted the necessary documents to upgrade my account from a easy save premium account to a normal savings account but until the now the account is yet to be upgraded and I have a pending transaction that is yet to reflect in my account because of the current status of the account, Please I need your assistance to help me follow this up. my account is domiciled in Ado Ekiti state and I submitted the documents for the upgrade to your CAR PARK C MOWE BRANCH INSIDE THE REDEMPTION CAMP.

  19. i have an issue with someone, he trasfer a some of money ;which is (5500) it shows successful for his phone and why i didn’t receive the money,i now thought him about the problem ,he said till i bring statement of Account of transaction for this month,I dont know weither you will help me do something about the issues ?

  20. dear sir,
    i have an issue with someone, he trasfer a some of money ;which is (5500) it shows successful for his phone and why i didn’t receive the money,i now thought him about the problem ,he said till i bring statement of Account of transaction for this month,I dont know weither you will help me do something about the issues ?

  21. I opened an account online and I made a transfer of 3,000 into that account and I didn’t receive alert,I tried checking my balance using the USSD code and i was told that I have no account after the transfer was successful…..

  22. My names are AMURE SULEIMON AYODEJI, I was debited without receiving the cash at IBTC ATM machine #20,000 naira on the 14th of February 2019 around 5:48pm and was not yet reverse pls help.my fine is 08028592898
    Account Numbers : 2117155529

  23. Good day, please i have a Savings account, is it possible to change it into a current account or must i open another account for that?

  24. I have an account on zenith bank and am travelling to Ghana will i be able to to collect my money in any zenith bank in Ghana

  25. Please I opened an instant account with zenith bank because I desperately need an account number at that moment. But I wasn’t given an account number instead I was given only a reference number and was asked to go to the branch for the main account number. Is it not wrong? Office could have been when you finished your transactions you then go other paper work.

  26. Please I open an account from a branch I was told I will be send my account number but up till now I have not seen any text from the bank

  27. I made a transfer to zenith bank account since yesterday been Friday 10th 2019 have not he has not gotten the alart

  28. Good day am Tony from delta based in lagos, pls I want to no d criteria for collecting loan from ur bank

  29. Money was sent to me today, have not received neither has it been reversed to the initiator. Way do I do. Thanks

  30. I have been trying transfer money and to wildraw since yesterday the network is very bad please help us do something about it asap thanks

  31. Good morning zenith bank costume care I did a transaction on 16/8/2019 with a POS machine of 1,000# only and my left balance on my account was 2,275# only and now I can find 2000# out of my account again please what is going on with my money?? Please I want a response on this. This is my account details (account name-mustapha banjo rasaq)(account number-2216546503)

  32. I was debited twice when I made transfer of 1k on the 8th of September 2019. Since then the 2k has not reflected on the person’s ACC and the money has not been reversed to me. My phone number is 08036897679. ACC Name NUNCY C KELVIN. Thank you

  33. Good Morning,
    Please don’t just lost lost ATMCard i will appreciate it if you can assist to block it with immediate effect

    Account Name: Abiodun Sunday Isaac
    Account Number: 2219611680
    BVN: 22161491592
    Date of Birth: 13tg October 1985

    Looking forward for a reply.

  34. I traffered money from my Access bank to one of your customer Zenith bank since yesterday and he is yet to receive the money but I have been debited.Does it mean that you people don’t send the money to their account immediately cause I have call my bank to confirm they have debited me.What is the problem,why the delay when someone need someone need to do urgent business

  35. good afternoon. i used titan ATM machine, i was debited 10k now. can you please reverse back my money. thanks

  36. Money was sent to me on the 3rd of July, since then till date,I have not received it, neither has it been reversed to the initiator.
    Please kindly assist with……Thanks

  37. Good morning, team zenith bank. I have issues with my account today by 1am someone withdraw my cash twice in my account without my authorization. The amount withdraw by 1am 20,000 and by 2am 20,000. I managed to block the account this morning, please I want my cash to be reversed. Thank you.

  38. Hi, I don’t like what you guys are doing, this will make it three times I will buy airtime direct from my zenith app, I will be debited but I won’t see the airtime.. am not just happy with you guys. 2190835932 is my account number. Thanks

  39. My mobile banking app is not working I was at the bank on Tuesday I was sent a code but it’s not still working I try logging in but no response

  40. Good morning pls I have a complaint to make i have be debited since last week Wednesday 4th of May 2022 and still now my money has not been revert I chatted with a customer care which told me 48 hours but it been one week now still my request is yet to be attended to pls do something about it pls

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