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If you have enquiries you can either get through to Diamond Bank Customer Care Number or use the Diamond Bank Customer Care Live Chat. If you are a Diamond Bank account holder, there are times when you have an issue and need to get it resolved. Diamond Bank customer care number line is available to its customers 24/7 and they have competent agents ready to solve all customer complaints. They operate on both inbound and outbound services.

Problems Solved by Diamond Bank Customer Care Number and Live Chat

  • Information on Diamond Bank products and services.
  • Account balance enquiry
  • Card transaction issues
  • ATM card block request
  • Online banking enquiries
  • Online banking password reset
  • Stop cheque instruction
  • Card PIN re-issue request
  • Dormant account reactivation
  • Account reactivation
  • General Account issues
  • Cheque book request
  • Statement of account request
  • All complaints spanning across all Bank products and services.

Diamond Bank Customer Care Number Lines – 24/7 Availability

If you need to speak to Diamond Bank customer care on phone, dial any of the numbers below. Make sure you have enough airtime on your phone if your compliant is going to be long. You can reach them on any of these numbers:

  • +234-1-2701500
  • +234-1-2620740 – 9
  • +234-1-6283892
  • +234-1-4489830
  • 0700-300-0000

Diamond Bank Nigeria Live Chat – 24/7 Availability

If you are the online kind of person then this option is for you. It is actually economical to contact them online instead of making calls to them.

  • Click here to connect with Diamond bank live chat.
  • If you are on Twitter, direct all complaints to their Twitter handle @diamondbankhelp.
  • On Facebook, Drop comments on message to Diamond Bank Page.
  • For email complaints, send all enquiries to complaints@diamondbank.com

WARNING: I’ve seen people dropping complaints and posting their bank details here, this is wrong and we will not be held liable for any scam or deductions that occurs on your accounts by preying scammers. This is just a guide on how to get through to your bank’s Customer Care service. Be warned!!!

How has been your experience with DiamondBank Customer Care Number service and Diamond Bank Nigeria Live Chat? Drop comments below.

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    • i made a mistake of my date of birth.
      I increased the age by 1.
      And I want it to be corrected cos I want to have a valid information..
      How can I go about this?

  1. Please I need help.i bought glo card by 4am and was debited but not credited on my glo network,I called my netwrk but they said I should get to my bank that the issue is from diamond.

      • Good day the admin officer. This is my complain I wirthdraw money from Access bank with Diamond ATM,but it unfortunate that I didn’t get the cash but they debited my account. I went to complain the guy said is after 7 to 14working days before it can be reverse. What’s going on with diamond find something to do or else.

      • Am having serious issue to transfer from my access yellow account ..keep asking me to put my date of birth yet is not going

        This what I always receive. E.g. 01032001 for 1st of march, 2001 but I don’t understand the pin that include date of birth

    • Hi,i bought mtn recharge card of 200from my diamond bank account yesterday,i was debited but my account was not credited with the recharge card

    • Hi, I’m your dissatisfied customer. I made a transfer from my Access acc to a first bank on 31st of Jan 2020, and I was debited that same day only to find out today 3rd Feb that it was reversed from the Access bank, obalende branch; no notification, nothing. I redid the transfer at same acess branch and had to wait for over 1hr for it to go throw after spending over 30min at ikd branch to do the initial transfer. Pls Access bank, stop wasting people’s precious time.

  2. Gdmorning, my names are Enyi CHUKS Jeffrey, pls I want to know if am still in diamondextra account, and what will I do to maintain the account pls I need your reply cus I want to be in that account pls am waiting for your response

  3. Please some one transferred money to my account since yesterday 3000 and 500 today I have not receive credit alert and the money is not in my statement of account but they have debit the people and the money is out from the statement of account this issue is really causing issue with NY costomer am not happy.

    • This same thing happening to me and diamond bank customer care will never pick calls until they finish someone credit with their advert.

  4. account name: MUSILIU SODIQ DOLAPO, account number : 0090750400, my name is musiliu sodiq o. my money was debit on 03/07/2018 twice on that they within some hours and it has not being refund and i need it urgent now pls i need a quick reply from you because i was debit with #5,250 twice on that they and the following day that was 04/07/2108 you also debit me with #1,050 twice also, pls i want it to be refund and i need a quick reply to know what is happen to the account ( 0090750400)

  5. I was debit #2000 three days ago when I was funding my sportybet account. The money has not be return to my account why

  6. my friend transferred money to my account since 13th June 2018 and up to now I’ve not seen the money and his statement shows that the money entered my account since then I’ve been complaining but you haven’t resolved the issue DB-181031597604 and now I’m some money in which I want to deposit to my account but I’m not convinced yet due to that issue at hand.

  7. My problem is why Daimond bank is like this because if the did not attend to me under 24hours I will make sure that I will tell the whole world that Daimond bank is 419 that the are all criminal here in Nigeria here, I make a transaction with POS and it was declined and my bank Daimond bank debited me and when I call the customer service the told me to wait after one week tell me why one week this is rubbish, the first one is up to one month now I have not seen my money up till now, I am running out of patience now if nothing is done I will tell the whole world now.

  8. I made a transfer from my access bank account to Diamond bank. the money was debited but Diamond bank did not credit my account. This is the confirmation number from access bank. 000014181119090307250839164707.

  9. Good morning, please I hold an xclusive account and I want to close it down. What is the process? And would I get my initial deposit of 30,000?

  10. I’m olusola Joseph adeiya my account number is 0078167802 I made a transfer which is online banking to winners golden bet not credited and they have debited my account please help me out.

  11. hello pls how can you help me to update my app on my phone automatically, am using blackberry passport…and i need to make some transaction…asap …thanks will be waiting for your reply

  12. good morning, please i want to activate my mobile banking and no activation code has been sent to my mobile number. please i need help

  13. Hello please am having a problem with my account the last transaction I did with my ATM card was not successful and I was debited 1,300 twice and it is not refund till now and am in Oyo state where diamond did not have any branch and am also busy with my exam in school please help me out and the debit alart is till on my phone

  14. Someone did transfer of 4,500 for me since 30mins ago but up to now i haven’t gotten the alert, so i don’t know what’s the problem

  15. I did a transfer to my diamond bank account from first bank but its not reflecting on my account. Please help

  16. Please I made an error when I want to withdraw from other bank UBA at offa i enter wrong pins five times and my ATM card was block and my pin is 1997 and I can’t also transfer to other please I want you to solve this problem for me as far as possible.
    Account name :Abimbola kayode Ayomide
    Account number : 0100064679
    Phone number: 08104115341

  17. Please I made a transaction today atb3:07pm on a pos AKFAS LOGISTICS CONCEPT LTD I was debited and not given the money up till now it has been credited. Account number 040****475

  18. Hello please am having a problem with my account the last transaction I did with my ATM card was not successful and I was debited 1,000 3times and it is not refund till now. Pls help it urgent

  19. Please I need help I want to register for internet banking on my mobile app how can I get my internet banking id

  20. Pls i need diamond bank whatsapp number, i can no longer transfer money again with *426# since access banking come up.

  21. Pls i need diamond bank whatsapp number, i can no longer transfer money again with *426# since access banking come up. 08105641246

  22. good day to who it may concern.
    please my name is Stanley chibueze, I opened my account in Lagos but now am in easy, and I what to live to China for business, so I need to make use off my Diamond bank account so how can I get my master card please, so how can I get it.

  23. All the said customer care lines are not connecting and I don’t think its good enough for the reputation of the bank. Does it means we must go to the bank before getting all issues resolved? Poor Diamond/Access bank

  24. pls what is principal liquidation because diamond bank just deduct all what i have in my account telling me principal liquidation.i need reply now

  25. If you are wasting your time writing any messages here just as I’m doing, OYO
    Because they would never reply you here,
    Since the merger with the access bank, anything about contacting the customer service has been brought to a zero level…

  26. I’m a dissatisfied customer of your bank,24th March 2020,I did a POS transaction of 40800 and it declined .I was debited and up till now the money haven’t been reversed , and I can’t get access into the bank to make complaint because of overpopulation

  27. My patience with you stopped now you will hear from the police now for stealing my fees money too my louis fiacre kakpo loan as you not has refund back and you refuse to answer me back my policy review is been sent to the court now

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