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ecobank customer care

If you have enquiries you can either get through to Ecobank Customer Care Number or use the Ecobank Customer Care Live Chat. If you are an Ecobank account holder, there are times when you have an issue and need to get it resolved. Ecobank customer care number line is available to its customers 24/7 and they have competent agents ready to solve all customer complaints.

Problems Solved by Ecobank Customer Care Number and Live Chat

  • Information on Ecobank products and services.
  • Account balance enquiry
  • Card transaction issues
  • ATM card block request
  • Online banking enquiries
  • Online banking password reset
  • Stop cheque instruction
  • Card PIN re-issue request
  • Dormant account reactivation
  • Account reactivation
  • General Account issues
  • Cheque book request
  • Statement of account request
  • All complaints spanning across all Bank products and services.
  • Escalate issues unresolved on first contact to the relevant units.
  • Daily calls to PoS merchants to check on machine status and reasons for low usage (issues escalated to E-Banking for follow-up).

Ecobank Customer Care Number Lines – 24/7 Availability

If you need to speak to Ecobank customer care on phone, dial any of the numbers below. Make sure you have enough airtime on your phone if your compliant is going to be long.

  • You can reach them on +2347005000000, +2348003262265; you can also chat with them on WhatsApp by adding up this number – +234808760 3717.

Ecobank Nigeria Live Chat – 24/7 Availability

If you are the online kind of person then this option is for you. It is actually economical to contact them online instead of making calls to them.

  • If you are on Twitter, direct all complaints to their Twitter handle @groupecobank.
  • On Facebook, Drop comments or message to Ecobank Page.
  • For email complaints, send all enquiries to engcontactcentre@ecobank.

WARNING: I’ve seen people dropping complaints and posting their bank details here, this is wrong and we will not be held liable for any scam or deductions that occurs on your accounts by preying scammers. This is just a guide on how to get through to your bank’s Customer Care service. Be warned!!!

How has been your experience with Ecobank Customer Care Number service and Ecobank Nigeria Live Chat? Drop comments below.

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    • Hello Priscilia,

      You will have to contact your bank via their website and demand to open an email indemnity.

      Email indemnity will enable you issue instructions to your bank via mail.

      Changing a phone number is considered a high risk transaction as such requires due deligence.

      You can carry out this transaction via email indemnity. Hope that helps?

  1. I transfer money from my eco acct through online banking and I was debited and the money did not credited to the reciever

    • How can I register my ecobank account on mobile app because I have received an otp already but still not working yet

    • I did pos and they actually debited me and on the POS it showed transfer unsuccessful please my money is at stake here what do I do

    • Pls my ecobank app ve been blocked I came to reactivate it but still not working. I’m not in Nigeria again, I could ve come over to d bank, also my ussd is rejecting my pin. Kindly help me.

      • I mistakenly sent money to this account number ecobank 0600091175 name Godbless Bello 2022/6/25 time 16:48.13 I send it from wema bank from RAVEN damilola aderemi account number 7790184065

    • mar10, 2023 at 11:03 am
      Pls I withdraw from pos it showed declined but dey debited me the amount is 1500 my account number is 2250020932

  2. Good day
    please my name is Jennifer, I sent money on Friday 23/2/18 to Eco bank account 3862010436 Thompson Paul #20,000 via pocketmoni application Etranzact. It was a failed transaction with this Reference number:02MW65328F77400
    Please kindly assist in working on this. Thanks.

  3. my complaint is that my wife account number was changed without her knowledge, i have never heared that somebodies account number was changed over night without his or her consent, atleast if it is necessary to change somebodies account the previous one will be working temporaly until the change is ok. i have sent money into the previous account, not knowing that the account havebeen change.since on 26/2/2018, the customer care Bida branch,Niger state. was unable to give us reasonable explanation and this account was opened due to the skills accusation programme held in December 2017, my wife is expecting money in that account. my question is, why the need for changing account?, is it not a plan by the banker to divert the money. pls i need useful explanation. previous a/c no:-5573065648 present account no:- 5573066944. account name:- Ismail Halima s

    • Hello Idris, this is very strange.
      Account class could change depending on bank discretion, but in cases like this account number and account name remain the same.

      You may however migrate from one package to another depending on the need, a change in account number is highly contestable.

      Your wife should kindly visit any branch of the bank, meet the customer service and lodge her complaints. This way, she can get a clearer picture of the status of the account in question, do not run to a hasty conclusion yet.

    • Pls my ecobank app ve been blocked I came to reactivate it but still not working. I’m not in Nigeria again, I could ve come over to d bank, also my ussd is rejecting my pin. Kindly help me.

  4. I have been having series of deduction in my account..Need to know why before i take a legal action against your Bank

  5. Please am begging ecobank, I make use of ecobank ATM, at Zenith Bank Caso branch, and I was deposited but I did not receive the money, I hv to went to ecobank Ajala branch, to complain, the lady did not even bother texting her my explanation she just tell me in next 24hrs, hv been waiting since, cos the money is very urgent, infact I can not eat, have u whatapp customer service, there never reply me up till now, really tired of ecobank service, is the worth among all bank, ur customer service is not replying me bank

    • Hello Fadipe,

      Your case is an unfortunate one, I can understand what you’re going through.

      You see, cash retracts are not usually immediate transactions for a resolution especially when it’s interbank.

      Your bank will have to write the third party to ascertain details of such retract, which normally takes about 3 days apart from the day you lodge in complaints.

      The third party will then investigate, if confirmed they will do necessary inter bank settlement via inter switch which is the link. This will normally take up to one week with some banks, depending on how rapid the TAT is.

    • I’m unable to use Ecobank mobile app , whenever I’m trying it’s telling that incorrect password and its the password that using before…. I went to arakale branch to render the issue, the guy there did it and he told me that it’s going to work in the next 24hours , I’ve waited for a week now still to no avail.

  6. Please ecobank, if u did not reply all the messages, I hope you we reply these, please help me reverse my money, 20k, am begging in the name of God, am using another bank, and there not given me problems, I no u dont care of losing customers, please help me work on my money for the sake of God

  7. I have been having series of deduction in my account…. Need to know why before I take action

  8. I use gtbank machine on the 15th of March and I didn’t get any debit alert but by the time I check my account balance,i discover the same amount I tried to debit has already been debited, and It has not been reverse,kindly see to it pls

  9. I tried using the USSD transfer code, it shows insufficient fund, even when there is money in my account.

  10. Please ecobank has been deducting from my account since yesterday they took all my money Pls I need my money back thank u

    • Please with my xpress account i inserted wrong security answer to my questions and i was locked please I would love to unlock it . Please and make some transfer

    Good day,

    I am a customer of your bank.The account was opened by your Ahmadu Bello way branch in Jos,Plateau State.

    I approached your Bukuru branch on 20th of February, 2018 with a valid drivers’ license, my BVN and recent utility bill.Your staff (a CCO) noticed a discrepancy in my date of birth.He saw that my DOB on account is 25/01/1981 instead of 25/12/1981.

    All my effort to convince him that the error was made by your staff at the point of opening proved abortive.I told him to check the DOB on my BVN and drivers’ license.The info on these two are consistent, but he did not agree.He further told me to get age declaration to correct this error made by your bank.I expected him to use my valid (verifiable drivers license) to correct this, but he did not.

    I also expected him to check from the branch I opened the account to probably confirm what I wrote on the package and my ID card in the package, be he did not do that.I left the branch dissatisfied.

    I am still interested in reactivating the account.Kindly assist.

    ACCOUNT NO. 0098294191
    PHONE NO. 080 6086 8776

    Thank you

  12. Pls I can’t do transfer on my account any longer. Both sending and received can’t go. Also I can’t use code for any transaction again. Such like Balance enquiry, recharge etc.

  13. Hello Sir/Madam, Greetings from Okere Augustus Darlington, I was to ask can some body use a BVN and take money in my account I want to know because I don’t know who take me BVN Book, since them I stop to sever my money in bank please help and tell me what to do by rappying my mail. Thank you Sir/madam God bless you..

  14. I did transfer from my uba account to my eco account this morning and alert was snt to me by eco bank but to my surprise the money wasn’t inside my account account no 1203003495

  15. same problem of transferring money Ecobank pls give us a solution bcos transfer on phone is more easier than in the bank.pls respond

  16. Hi, my account name MOMOH ADEOLU YINKA, my number 5761005122… I try to withdraw a sun of N10,000 naira with my atm card at fidelity bank kola bustop alagbado on Friday 15th of June… am unable to withdraw but my money was been deducted N10,000 naira. Till now pls do something @ecobank_ng

  17. I tried to withdraw money via ATM yesterday, my account was debuted but I couldn’t withdraw. Please rectify asap. I am very broke

  18. please i want my otp messages sent to my email because the number my last otp messages was sent to is a wrong number

  19. I recharged my mtn line this morning through quick teller N1000, my account was debited but my line was not recharged. please look into this and do the needful. thank you

  20. Gudmorning pls I applied for ATM last week and I was debited for it today I was also debited for it I need ur assistance

  21. my name is Maina Abubakar, my problem is that I applied a loan at Phase 4 branch kubwa Abuja, but they said I have an account with Unity bank which i don’t have any account with said bank, but they send me to the bank to confirm I went there but the account no picture no signature, and the account is domant, I need a explaination from you. my current account is with you and is just a recent I finished my loan I don’t know the branch refused to give me the loan? please help me out because I need the loan

  22. I made a request through live chat for internet banking to enable me access my account and make some transactions. Some forms were forwarded to me on 28/8/2018, i downloaded the forms filled scanned and included a scanned copy of my passport data page as a means of identification, i forwarded to precisely on 1/9/2018 as instructed and also to on 8/9/2018, there is no any response. Please kindly find out where the problem is ?

  23. I don’t received alert when I send money to my account and I’m in Dubai so I don’t know the amount of money in my account so I want you to help me so I can be receiving alert

  24. Good day pls some of us in yikpata nysc orientation camp Edu local government opened corp member account and we haven’t gotten our various account numbers unlike other do we go about pls , thanks

  25. Hi, My Atm Pin Was Blocked On Friday Morning I Consulted Ecobank Customer Care In Makurdi For A Reset Of Pin And The Lady Gave Me A Form To Fill After Which She Asked Me To Go And A Code From Ecobank Would Be Sent To My Number But Uptil Now Nothing Came, What Should I Do?

  26. Good Morning
    money was transfer to my so account on Sunday up till now we have’t seen anything,another money was transfer to my so account yesterday up till now we have not seen any alert i have been in the ATM several time still nothing,please and please what is going on i call the the people that send the money send it in my preset and they where charge, what is is really going on, other banks are not like this why

    i’ll wait your reply

  27. Guys please. The website owner isn’t Ecobank. You need to understand that he cannot help your issue with the bank. Stop posting your problems here. Go to your bank and complain.

  28. someone hat is wrong with ecobank, have ecobank turn to a fraudster bank, send to money to on my account since yesterday i receive a notification from them, informing me, that money being send to me is pending, that my account will be credit shortly, upto this moment, the have not been credited,

  29. I did international transfer using rapid transfer in Ecobank from Cameroon on the 10/11 till now the money has not been paid here in Nigeria.. I need urgent reply to continue

  30. I am a doing my Ph.D Studies in Botswana but have my Salary Account with Ecobank. My Mobile App has seized to launch hence I cannot access my salary.
    Please urgently could you assist me?
    Account Number:1231001065
    Bank Branch :Jos 1. Plateau State.

    • I credited #39,577 to my Account 4661046330 on 24th November but that was Not added to my Account

  31. Eco bank are the worst bank I have never seen in my life. Since three weeks old men and women are sleeping in the bank premises to withdraw their hard end money, travelling about 25km. Presley in ogoja in cross river state, the banking system here is extremely very poor that is Eco bank but other banks are functioning 24/7. Call your clients to do something about it because is going to cause great damage to the bank. I mean now till tomorrow morning.

  32. my complain is that no 4/12/2018, i made a transfer #13200 with my ATM card at area 3 GT B machine to one Mr Sunday Bitrus and was successfully, now Sunday no receipt the money and bank debited me up to now no refund, no pay. what is the solution now? pls.

  33. On the 4th of this month, I tried using the ATM at state lowcost miago road, and I got a response that reads issuer switch then they ejected my card; I now used the other ATM to withdraw my cash, instantly, I got 2 debit alert.
    Up till now they have not reversed it.
    I’m giving Ecobank 3 more working days to comply, else we will meet in court.

    This is stealing

  34. I have been having series of deduction in my account..Need to know why before i take a legal action against your Bank.

    Account name: Sunday Moses Onyekachi
    Acc no: 3132286235
    Phone No: 07038743010

  35. Hi my name is olusegun, I transferred 5000 naira from my account to my girlfriend’s diamond bank account, on 12/12/2018 via quick teller my account was debited but the recover did no receive it ,I later went to the bank to complain ,they told me not to worry that the transaction will be reversed since the nothing has been done pls kindly help.

  36. Ecobank is gradually loosing credibility. Customer care service will not response to calls after several minutes of ringing… After the phone must have ring for about 10 mins, the customer care 07005000000 will cut you off the line without a response. And then make customer to suffer a loss for the airtime being used. This is so poor for any Nigeria bank.
    Infact am highly disappointed.

  37. my name is oguebie f ijeoma. I transfer 950 from my access bank to my ecobank(5461016529) and i was having 1101 I tried making a withdraw from welma bank at garage. it says unable completed. want to know what’s wrong

  38. I initiated fund transfer via FBN iwofe ATM platform to an access bank account since 23/01/2019 , my account was debited but the recipient didn’t receive the credit. I have visited your rumuola branch twice and mile 3 branch once to register my complaint and dispute form were filled on these three occasions. Up till now none f the branches could tell anything other it will take 7 working days to resolve, this is almost 1month now. Kindly help investigate asap.

  39. Hello good afternoon
    ON the 15th of February I made use of the pos(paga) with my eco bank ATM(10,200) the net work was bad I couldn’t get the money but I was debited and up till now eco bank haven’t reverse that money back have been calling the customer care service for sometimes now but no result pls eco bank reverse my money pls

    Same thing happened on the 1st of March I try using the pos (page) again (3,700) still no network ecobank still debited me again plz eco bank plsssss reverse my 13,900 have been calling ur customer care no response u guys need to work on ur service pls

  40. I made transaction of mobile e top up of ₦1000 into my site number via *894 and it failed my account was debited.

  41. good day. pls I wants to recharge my glo line d network is bad. don’t know if u can assist me to do DAT. Phone no 08153367577 Amount 500. account no 5461016529

  42. please I can’t access my ecobank mobile app…
    I was told that it was temporary block, he can I access it back?

  43. Hello i am your customer,I wanted to apply for Loan in your Bank through GTWorld, online Banking,but the phone number column in the form is not active, what should i do.
    Please reply as soon as possible.

  44. My name is Peter Robert Anthony,I recharge my account with 100 it was not successful but my money was deducted,same thing on Friday I recharge 200 which the money was all so deducted but it was not successful,Plz eco-bank returns my money plzz

  45. pls I gave my husband my ATM to cash money for me. he told me he makes attempt several times it shows him maximum pin try. and I also try wildraw from my account it shows me dsame. pls help me.

  46. I transferred money to someone 3 days ago and till now the person hasn’t receive it,and I was debited ,as am talking to you now nothing will ever make me to bank with eco bank cos after this I will close down this account,Ave tried wasting all my money on you guys,as am talking to you am inside the bank all theycould tell me is that lagos is still accessing my account for 3 good hours…hnmmm please you guys should send back my money or tell me what has happened to it ..

  47. Good day sir,ma
    Please here is my problem I want to transfer money from my ecobank account to my first Bank account by using the code *326# but the are telling me that my mobile number is not allowed to use this code why cus I don’t understand .

  48. I credited my bet9ja account with eco bank ATM but I didn’t see the money and they debited my bank account and I contacted eco bank customer care they said they are going to resolve it today but not yet see the money

  49. How can someone have his ATM card with him and a withdrawal was made by another someplace living the account with 1000 only? and now the bank can’t have information on who is responsible. why do we have a camera in ATM point?
    Now I know this bank is a fraud. Well, it takes years to build up the walls of china but a day to destroy it.

  50. This is the worst and slowest bank in Nigeria I regretted ever opening an account with you I want my money and I will close down this account immediately

  51. I do not think I can bank again with ecobank they do not care for their clients. My friend that bank with gtb send me money on the 26-02-2020 till now the money has not enter my account and everyday I go to the ecobank office they keep telling me they are working on it.

  52. Ecobank keeps charging me 100naira for every amount paid into my account.. Pls this is broad day light robbery.. Am going to work into any of your branch I see on monday and lay a complain and if nothing is done am so doing a mail to cbn

  53. My account was debited on POS of PURCH_E_SETTLEMENT LIMITED LANG the sum of #8000 after reading not recognized on 02/04/2020 please do something about it fast thanks

  54. Eco bank how long does it take you people to reverse a declined pos purchase, please refund my money

  55. Hello I’m Ganiyu idris: a friend of me sent some money into my express account and I couldn’t see the money the few ones I have on the account it cannot be transferred out

  56. For how long should I get a reply to my request submitted two weeks ago on letter of non indebtedness from ecobank being their customer.

  57. Hello pls I want to know why if money was credated to my account I can’t find the money in my account this money 500 was sent to me, but I can’t find it in my account even last week it like that also.

  58. I want to register for mobile app isn’t working is displayed your authentication card is fail contact your bank

  59. Please a transfer was carried out 24th of December 2021 from Zenith Bank to my Ecobank account.
    And no alert has shown,it equally didn’t reflect in my Account.Please Ecobank I have been having issues of failed transaction when the other bank has made it known that transaction has been carried out
    I beg you this is my family money for Christmas.

  60. Pls my account is dormant and I need to fix it but in my area now we don’t have Eco bank again but am planning to go to Owerri.

  61. Hello everyone, hope you all are good.. i have to recieve a transaction from the eeuu and and i am in zimbabwe, ecobnk gave me the swift codes for the bank here and the intermediary bank in EEUU. But the person doing the transaction told me they asking him about a 9-digit intermediary bank-routing number, which i dont know about.

  62. they send money through my eco express account since yesterday up till now I have not receive alert,and I need the money urgently pls I need your assistance

  63. Hello, yesterday I was with Rafiqa chatting about bank how to collect loan, and I was chose quick loan on fortunately ofter my data is start collecting the service was take up,and after some hours I received an elert telling me that some minus amount has been deducted from adebt amount of -3000plus which I know that I was not rent a single Kobo from the bank. And what that mean explain and recover my account

  64. I just got credit alert of 12k but only for me to check my balance is not there. A week age I transferred money from my account to other I was debited but the other never receive the money please do something about it please

  65. Good Evening.

    Please for your notice, I was debited twice on 5th August, 2022 when I used UBA -IKEDC POS stationed at Oko Oba 4 housing Estate, Agege, Lagos for the purpose of IKEDC bill.

    The first transaction was declined with no print-out while the 2nd one was approved. To my surprise, I was debited for the transaction declined.

    Please I await your action on the reversal of the transaction of N 3,000.

    Thank you.

    Jacob Balogun.

  66. Good evening ECOBANK.
    Pls I’m mailing on behalf of a little problem I had after paying for my Eco electric bills through this mobile app and yet I haven’t received my token yet, it’s been two weeks and yet I didn’t receive any token. Pls how can I retrieve my Eko electric token from Ecobank

  67. Good Afternoon ma/sir
    i am Eremionkhale Patrick, i run a savings accounts in your bank . The account was opened when your marketers came to my office FERMA, in Ibadan Oyo State. I requested for account updated since January this year, As i could not transfer above five hundred thousand naira only into my account. Kindly update my account with number 1671031633

    from Eremionkhale Patrick

  68. Good Afternoon ma/sir i am Eremionkhale Patrick, i run a savings accounts in your bank . The account was opened when your marketers came to my office FERMA, in Ibadan Oyo State. I requested for account updated since January this year, Kindly update my account with number 1671031633

  69. I was debited without being paid
    E-PAYMENT/-T uzochukwu 000211 2TEP5PTQ LANGat ANK NIGERI
    Daily Limit Now N1mm on EcoMobile

  70. hi,
    I noticed a fraudulent transaction on my account. I got a notification of a debit of N51 for a POS purchase. I will need to have my 6 months statement of account. I am sure that is not the only fraudulent transaction to my account.

    name of acct- Lois Nnamani
    Account no – ……8718
    date of transaction- 18-04-24

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