Easy Ways to Contact MTN Customer Care

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If MTN is your network service provider, you would have had cause to contact MTN customer care to solve some issues. If you do not know the fastest way to get through to them this can be very frustrating especially when there is a problem you need to fix in time concerning your phone line.

MTN users normally want to make enquiries on MTN Data plans, call tariff plans, prepaid plans such as the mPulse plan, stopping data auto-renewals and the most common one which concerns opting out of irrelevant promotions and subscriptions that eats your airtime.

MTN customer care is available 24-hours on a daily basis to answer all your enquiries and complaints.

MTN Customer Care Number

This is one of the fastest ways to contact MTN, though you will still be put on hold for some minutes by the computer before a representative final pick it up.

  • Dial 180 from your MTN line.
  • If you are calling from another network, dial 08031000180 and if you are outside the country +2348031000180.

Bear in mind, you will be charged using the last two options since you are not using an MTN line.

Contact MTN Customer Care on Facebook

If you do not want to go through the stress of calling, you can just visit MTN Facebook page and drop them a message. A representative will reply to your message in no time.

Contact MTN Customer Care on Twitter

Another way to get their attention quickly is by tweeting at them or sending them a DM on Twitter. MTN Nigeria operates two accounts, follow and DM @MTNNG or @MTN180.

Contact MTN via a Nearest Service Centre

If you want to go see them in person and talk about your problems, MTN has service centres across all 36 states in the country. See the list here and addresses.

Feedback Form

Another way to contact MTN customer care is via their feedback form. MTN is the best when it comes to things like this, just open the form, fill and submit.

Email Contact

Emails have existed for a long time now and still remains arguably the best way to contact people and get responses. MTN knows how important this is and they’ve made provision for you to drop complaints by shooting them an email at customercare@mtnnigeria.net.

Lastly, if you are a traditional kind of person and you still believe in the good old way of sending letters via the post office, mail one to the address below:

The Customer Care Manager,
MTN Nigeria Communications Limited
4 Aromire Street
Off Kingsway Road
Ikoyi, Lagos

MTN is here to serve you!

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    • Mtn has just deducted 50 for a subscription i dont know about it and i need urgent explanation

  1. ve tried this number from my vodacom fone 08031000180 and it says this number does not exist is there another n umber i can use because my wife forgt her pin number

  2. Dear Sir, on Jan 29, 2019 at the International airport while travelling I told a lady at mtn kiosk inside the airport that I would like to roam my mtn number but had no sufficient money at that time. I gave N1,000 to recharge my phone, when I reach my destination, I will tell someone to load about N2,000 into my account. When I an alert of Awuf4u of N1,000 on Ref:538138448 29/01 at 18:42:37 from 2348061685411, I complained that I paid for recharge not Awuf4U. As soon as I boarded my mtn number was blocked. Blocked for what reason.
    Unblock my mtn number 08033376966 so that I can load more credit for roaming. Thanks.

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  4. Good day, i have been recharging on MTN line but my MTN line has not been credit and it has always been successful from my bank account and online recharge from your agent and the rechargeamount has not been deposited into my phone.

    kindly do something to let me have all my credits 07064833907

  5. I recharge now and they deduct my credit and I really need it now too do subscription to my phone please return my card back asap

  6. Good morning, i have been recharging on MTN line but my MTN line has not been credit and it has always been successful from my bank account and online recharge from your agent and the rechargeamount has not been deposited into my phone.

    kindly do something to let me have all my credits 08136271410

  7. please can my money be refunded? I’ve been recharging from my bank account and i’ve debited twice without my recharge card, i’ve been calling customer care to no avail….

  8. I have recharged #1000 from my bank and was debited but no air time in my phone please give me my money back or credit my phone please, this happen three days ago

  9. I recharged yesterday via my bank the money was deducted and nothing was found in line. It was two times.

  10. I am suspecting that MTN is becoming dubious in recent times.

    Whenever I load data in my MTN numbers (09033069657, 07068053988 and 09031593150), the data is not credited, even though deductions are made from my GTB account. I have been experiencing this for many months.

    You may want to note that I have five MTN lines, and have been using my oldest MTN line (08033036440) since 2001.

    I have made many fruitless efforts to contact your customer care line via 180.

    If you do not address this complaint, I will direct my concerns to the NCC.
    This is not a threat.

  11. Mtn why are people always auto renew data plan for this particular line 09065501984 , I have been buy data 6gb for 300 for 7 days to for many times, now I recharged 3500 to go for bigger package 20gb only for me to notice you people have deducted 1500 for 6gb that theft with out my permission, is because you people saw I just recharged and your customers care line is not going true please refund my money.

  12. hi on behalf of vaughn norkie he has a contract with mtn he got the sim card 3 days ago and is still not active please could someone give him a call asap with regards. please treat it as urgent

  13. Hi would like complain about your service I am very disappointed in the service I received from mtn I both two phone’s on the 11th of June up today I still have not received the phone but the debit order is going of from my account so I am paying for phone which I don’t I have I have been dealing with your customer service went into your store in southgate and no one can help me I can really not pay for phone s that I have not received If I don’t get feedback from this that I will be taking this to the Ombudsman because I am paying for the phone for 2months now and every time I phone in they just put me trough to different people to talk to I have used more than R300 airtime speaking to different people and I don’t want other phones I want the phone that they are debiting my account with

  14. good evening MTN .i borrowed Data of 4.5GB and i received the text alert that the amount will be deducted back in my next recharge meaning it was successful but i do not receive the 4.5GB since morning .i have tried to reach the costumer care no avail . please check on that for me .here is the number 08033787644

  15. Hey, my name Muhammad jameel i have been using MTN operating service to purchase 1GB of data at N200 but now it shows me that i am not eligible for that offer. Please help me with that offer

  16. Good evening I’m Ola from osogbo osun State,please I’m here to complain about the bad network for our area I mean Koledowo around kunike school ilesha garage please help use find something to do with it

  17. Pls this 07065843488 is not receiving messages from Mtn the technician directed us to call help line pls help us out

  18. I load 200 card and I use 50 to buy night plan and when I wakeup to use the remaining money to buy night plan mtn has remove it and make it look like I load 50 card

  19. Please your customer care number and options are rubbish because I have been trying for weeks now no option to speak to a customer. This network is a scam because you have been deducting my money for perfect 10 daily nonsense and when I send cancel win it doesn’t go …please cancel before I break this Sim

  20. l wanted to buy data for my glo line but I mistakenly put my mtn line (08168212108) and I was debited. please help me to reverse it.

  21. My MTN line 09069718088 was blocked and needed PUK number to activate it please MTN help me with the PUK number please

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