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So you are a “youngster” who needs to “happen” to this life. Or you are a blessed father or mother of such a youngster, and you want your child to go places in life. Well, if you are already not aware, MTN mPulse is the in-thing you ought to be looking for!

MTN Nigeria, one of Nigeria’s leading mobile telecommunications companies recently launched the “MTN mPulse”, a service, which according to the mPulse website, that is designed to equip young Nigerians between the ages of 9 and 15 with all the resources they need to maximize their potential and be all they want to be”. Think of the mPulse as a series of layered utilities designed to help you, “the tween or teen”, to enhance your intellectual development through academical materials, self development tutorials and intellectual games you can access on the platform; or if you are a parent, to help you “be involved” in your child’s intellectual evolution through inbuilt features that allow you to review and control your child’s activities on the platform.

So What Is MTN mPulse?

The mPulse is a web portal built and owned by MTN Nigeria that has a series of layered services that can be broadly categorized into education services, game services and music/sports; which users (tweens, teens, and their parents) can access through purpose-built tariff plans designed for use on the portal.

On the mPulse web portal, users can access such educational services as certified preparation (as well as past questions and answers) for such examinations as those of the National Common Entrance Examination, the West Africa Examinations Council, The National Examination Council, and the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board; and also for the Post University Tertiary Matriculation Examinations administered by several tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Also available on the mPulse web portal are several YouTube tutorial videos across a wide variety of interests – technology, programming, leadership, vocational training, entrepreneurship, languages; and so much more.

Additionally, several single and multi-player games and various musical/sports videos are available on the mPulse web portal.


Benefits of MTN mPulse

What is the mPulse “useful” for?

From the youngsters’ (aged 9 to 15 years) point of view, the obvious point of call on the mPulse web portal ought to be the educational services section, where they will have the opportunity to interact with carefully-designed academic materials that will enhance their academic pursuits, no matter what level they are at now. The mPulse web portal actually has academical materials for youngsters from Primary One right up to Senior Secondary Three classes. For those preparing for the various school leaving examinations, the prep materials for the various examination bodies available on the mPulse portal, as well as the past examinations’ questions and answers would be very useful resources. Youngsters would also find exciting, the vocational skills YouTube videos available on the platform, spanning several areas of interest. For their “downtimes”, the latest musical and sports videos sections would be the place to go to.

For parents, the mPulse portal provides them with the opportunity to be engaged with their children/wards, first, by the regular review of their children or wards’ activities on the portal; and secondly, by providing them with tools to “moderate” or “adjust” the “behaviors” of their children/wards on the portal through the exercise of controls over what their children or wards can access on the portal. Lastly, the mPulse portal gives parents the opportunity to share airtime and data with their children/wards.


How to Subscribe to MTN mPulse Plan

Youngsters – preteens and teens, aged 9 to 15 years – can access mPulse service primarily through subscribing to the mPulse prepaid plan, by dialling *344*1# from their MTN line or by sending the text “mPulse” to 131, also from their MTN line and following the prompts. A third option would be to download the “MyMTNApp” and select “mPulse” from the “Tariff Plan” section. On successful subscription to the mPulse prepaid plan, the subscriber gets to enjoy a 25MB WhatsApp data bonus on the first recharge in every calendar month, bonus data on the first recharge in every calendar week; as well as a 200 Naira airtime reward on birthdays.

After subscribing to the mPulse prepaid plan, the next step for the youngster is to buy any of the mPulse special data:

  • Weekly plan – N50 for 350MB. To subscribe, send “350” to 344
  • Monthly plan – N150 for 1.2GB, To subscribe, send “351” to 344

These special data bundles can also be purchased by dialling *344# and selecting the desired bundle from the menu options or by logging in on the mPulse web portal and selecting the desired bundle from the drop-down of available data bundles.

Parents can just link their MTN lines with that of their children/wards through the Parent-Child linking service that they can access by dialling *344*5*1#. Once registered on the service, parents can then add up to six (6) children/wards as their beneficiaries on the service; through the MyMTNApp or mPulse website.


Pros and cons of MTN mPulse

The “pros” of the mPulse platform are very clear – youngsters have the chance to learn a lot in a “fun”, interactive environment. The platform can also become tool parents can use to positively engage the “energies” of their children or ward; as well as to open up important conversations about their development, morals and life in general.

On the flip side, just like any resource on earth, the mPulse platform is susceptible to “abuse” and could become an albatross of sorts for the unwary child or parent. Like any interactive platform of its kind, it could incline youngsters to “play too much” and “do too little or no work”, over time. This is the reason why extensive parental monitoring and control tools are available on the mPulse platform for the discerning parent to use.



Paraphrasing the words of the General Manager, Consumer Marketing; MTN Nigeria, Mr Oluwole Rawa, at the MTN mPulse product launch on Thursday, the 23rd of August, 2018; “the launch of the MTN mPulse is giving parents and guardians more ways to equip the next generation … by proffering innovative and relevant solutions that enable MTN customers connect with their tomorrow … providing a controlled environment where youngsters can explore and learn more and have fun while doing it”.


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