You Can Now Set New WhatsApp Chats to Disappear by Default

disappearing messages whatsapp

WhatsApp is giving all users the ability to set new chats to disappear by default after a certain period of time in an update that is rolling out today. Users will now be able to set whether they want all messages to disappear at once after 24hrs, 7 days or 90 days.

Disappearing messages first debuted on WhatsApp last year November but the time limit was only 7 days; the update gives users more options to let messages disappear automatically if they want to. As part of ways to improve the feature, WhatsApp also introduced “View Once” for photos and videos which meant they can only be viewed one time.

When disappearing messages is turned on for new chats, it will not affect previous messages. WhatsApp will also let users who have the feature turned on by default know it’s on before they start a conversation. Users will also have the flexibility of turning disappearing messages off for individual chats.

Head of Consumer Product at WhatsApp, Zafirk Khan confirmed to TechCrunch that the feature was introduced from the feedback the Meta-owned messaging app gathered from its users. Disappearing messages is also rolling out to group messages and the option will be available when a group is created. “Privacy has always been core to WhatsApp. We launched the end-to-end encryption and made it default long before it became somewhat of a standard in messaging,” Khan said. “We view ephemerality as a new emerging standard in messaging.” In a Facebook post, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg notes “not all messages need to stick around forever.”

Users can still find a way to bypass the new feature by taking screenshots of chats or forwarding messages. Disappearing messages is now rolling out to everyone on Android and iOS.

Image: WhatsApp

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