CDPR will Make Refunds for Cyberpunk 2077 Purchases Out of Its Own Pocket

Cyberpunk 2077 global release times

CD Projekt Red, the studio behind the controversial Cyberpunk 2077 game has issued a new statement promising refunds for anyone who has made the digital or physical purchase of the game. This follows Sony’s pledge to do the same for purchases made on its online store and Microsoft’s pledge to refund digital purchases on its online store as well.

“We’ve just started reaching out to people who sent us a message with a confirmation of receipt. We send these emails out in waves, so don’t worry if you don’t receive an answer immediately,” CDPR wrote in a statement via the official Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter account.

“At the same time, we’d like you to know that our intention is for every owner of a physical copy, or a digital copy bought at retail, who has valid proof of purchase (and sends us an email at within the time window) to receive a refund. We will do this out of our own pocket if necessary. If you are unable to obtain a refund from the store where you bought [the game], please contact us via email until December 21st. As this is a one-time initiative, we will provide everyone with [the] next steps only after the refund request submission window closes.”

For digital purchases, the Polish studio is directing buyers to follow the established process by Sony and Microsoft for refunds. Retailer BestBuy is also accepting returns on physical purchases for PS4 and Xbox One owners of the game even if the buyer has played the game.

A new patch 1.05 has just been released for the game on Xbox and PlayStation systems which is meant to address some of the glitches and bugs plaguing the game.

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