CD Projekt Red Releases Second Major Patch for Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 global release times

Polish developer, CD Projekt Red has released its second major update for its embattled Cyberpunk 2077 action role-playing game. Patch 1.2 which is meant to fix a wide range of bug fixes is live on PC and consoles and will be coming to Stadia later this week.

Last December, Sony pulled the game from its PlayStation store and there has been no word as to when it will make a return. CDPR put out a statement stating it will make refunds to customers out of its own pocket. The developer also vowed to do its best to fix the game starting with a first major patch release in January and another in February, while the release of the first patch was delivered in time, the second was delayed till March due to hackers gaining access to its internal network.

Patch 1.2, a 34GB update or more depending on the platform you are downloading fixes a wide range of bugs from gameplay to UI, graphics, audio, animation and lots more. You can access the full patch note detailing everything that was fixed on the game’s website.

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