Sony Closing Its PlayStation Store for PS3, Vita and PSP this Summer

PlayStation now support ends for PlayStation 3

Sony has officially confirmed it is closing its digital stores for the PS3, Vita and PSP this summer. TheGamer had earlier reported about it with many fearing the worst they will no longer have access to their games.

The closure means PS3 and PSP owners will no longer be able to make digital purchases of games or DLC from July 2nd, the PlayStation store will also be closing on Vita users on 27th August. Users will still have access to previously purchased games, video and media content and will be able to download them on the PS3, Vita and the PSP. Wallet fund vouchers will no longer be available but existing wallet funds can be used for purchases on the PS4 and PS5 store.

You can find about more about the closures in the FAQ accompanying the announcement.

While the PSP was a huge success for Sony with more than 80 million units sold during its lifetime, the Vita was disappointing selling just over 10 million units. The PS3 failed to live up to the huge success of the PS2 but still managed to sell more than 80 million units.

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