Best Offline Zombie Games for Android to Play

best offline zombie games for android

Zombie games are great for those who like them but what if you could get the best offline zombie games for Android and play without the internet? Since the 1996 launch of Resident Evil, zombie games have always captured the interest of gamers. This comes as no surprise since this genre offers great storylines, suspense, and fast-paced action. With this in mind, many game developers such as Treyarch has even added a zombie mode to their games.

However, the popularity of this genre comes at a price. For instance, some developers provide offline titles with poor content and horrible graphics, while quality games require a considerable amount of data. Looking at these issues, finding an excellent mobile zombie game might be difficult.

Fortunately, there are zombie games that have great gameplay, storylines, and graphics, especially for Android devices. Also, you can play these games without an internet connection. Now let’s show you the best offline zombie games for Android right now.

Best Offline Zombie Games for Android

Into the Dead 2

Let’s begin with PIKPOK’s Dead 2 that has gathered an astounding 10 million downloads since its launch on Google Play. As expected, this title brings a captivating and emotional gaming experience for all mobile gamers. It also does not require an internet connection before you can play the game on your Android device.

Launched as a sequel of Into the Dead, this game involves running and surviving zombie attacks for as long as possible. However, Into the Dead 2 adds more narratives with multiple endings.

In this zombie game, you will play as James, who has to fight through the undead with a large collection of firearms, knives, and grenades. These tasks will occur in a wide range of locations ranging from an open field to an abandoned army base. However, it includes in-app purchases which are needed to upgrade your weapons as you progress. One of the best offline zombie games for Android.

You can download the game for free here,

Zombie Battle Gunship

Do you love battling zombies from the skies? Then check out this Zombie Battle Gunship by Flaregames. Unlike most zombie games, this title allows you to shoot the undead from the comfort of a 180 AC gunship.

During gameplay, you are tasked with using your plane to help deployed ground troops to survive zombie attacks. You also have the challenge of building a base that can withstand similar attacks while enjoying rewards for upgrades.

The graphics on Zombie Battleship are crisp and clear while the game mechanics provide excitement. It also has a vast arsenal of weapons that will make it easier for you to battle the undead. Finally, it does not need an internet connection before you can enjoy its features.

Ads and in-app purchase are included in this thrilling action game.

You can download and install this game for free here.

Dead Effect 2

offline zombie games for android

Next on our list is App Holdings, scary sci-fi shooter, Dead Effect 2. With over a million downloads, this zombie title will keep you hooked for hours non-stop while testing your combat skills.

During gameplay, you will fight as one of three characters which have the tasks of levelling up; collecting upgradable weapons and liberating the ES Meridian from extraterrestrial invaders. Each of the characters has access to high tech body implants.

This first-person shooter offers dark corridors, dangerous aliens, intense combat with a 20-hour campaign mode to play through. It also promises console-quality graphics and sound. Since its a free game, you will encounter ads while you need to make some in-app purchases during gameplay.

You can download the game for free here.


best offline shooting games for android - best offline action games for android

If you want a zombie game that has an interesting plot coupled with easy controls, then you should install Unkilled. Although it has an optional online PVP mode, Unkilled stands as one of the top zombie offline games in 2019.

Set in apocalyptic New York, you can play as any of five characters and join an elite team that battles the undead while trying to discover the cause of the plague. You can also challenge your friends to online multiplayer battles. Furthermore, these characters are upgradeable with a large selection of skins and weapons.

Its graphics and sound are top-notch while its controls are straight forward. With such features, the game can rival some of the top titles for Android devices.

Like most free games, Unkilled offers ads and in-app purchases for character upgrades. One of the best offline zombie games for Android.

 You can download the game here at no extra charge.

Dead Trigger 2

best offline zombie games for android

Over the years, Dead Trigger has graced the screens of many Android devices after all; it stands as an exciting zombie game. Unlike most games, Dead Trigger 2 receives numerous updates, which means plenty of content for mobile gamers.

Playing as a survivor of a zombie apocalypse, you will have to fight in 10 locations with different battlefields. This FPS game also offers a selection of unlockable weapons for multiple campaigns.

We love its graphics and mechanisms, but its ads might annoy some gamers.

You can download the game for free here.


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best offline zombie games for Android in 2019. Feel free to tell us your opinion about our selection. We would love to hear from you.


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