Google to Stop Making Tablets, Cancels Two Unreleased Products

Google's Rick Osterloh, head of Hardware devices. Pixel Slate has been cancelled.

Google is stopping production of tablet devices meaning last year’s Pixel Slate won’t be getting a follow-up upgrade. According to Business Insider and Computer World, the Alphabet company will now focus its Chrome OS hardware on its traditional laptop devices such as the Pixelbook. A spokesperson confirmed to Business insider saying, “For Google’s first-party hardware efforts, we’ll be focusing on Chrome OS laptops and will continue to support Pixel Slate

Google SVP, Devices and Services Lead, Rick Osterloh confirmed the story on Twitter. He also said this cancelation will not stop the Pixel Slate from receiving software and security updates for years to come.

Prior to this announcement, Google had been working on releasing two tablets later this year but it has now cancelled that and moved the team behind it to new roles internally (its Pixelbook laptop line apparently).

The Pixel Slate received mixed reviews last year, tech reviewing MKBHD particularly condemned the device’s software. After carrying out quality assurance tastings, Google decided it was best it cancelled the two tablets it was working on.

On the other hand, the Pixelbook received positive reviews upon its release in 2017. A Google spokesperson confirmed to Computer World a Pixelbook 2 is most likely in the works.

Apple’s iPad currently leads the premium tablet line with multiple pricing points and a large pool of apps, further improvements are also expected when the iPad OS rolls out. Microsoft Surface comes because of its flexibility of being able to deliver a complete desktop PC experience on a tablet. It will take a lot of the Pixel Slate to usurp these two, hence the reason for Google accepting defeat and cancelling its tablet line to focus on other ears it has an edge.



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