Recover Formatted Hard Drive Within Only Three Steps

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In this era of digitalization, the importance of data management can never be neglected. Even as individuals, we have so much data to ourselves that it can sometimes be difficult to manage it. We can lose our data due to unavoidable circumstances or accidental deletion of it from our devices. However, all hope isn’t lost as you can recover your lost data by using quality data recovery software. Data recovery software is a tool whose importance one realizes once they need it badly.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is free software that can help recover formatted hard drive or any other lost data on your devices. It isn’t only efficient but is quite easy to use as well. A hard drive when formatted removes all the data onto it, check the bad sectors and tests the disk to ensure the reliability of the sectors. A few reasons why the formatting of a hard drive can occur are as follows:

•    Hard Drive Issues – The hard drive often crashes, too slow, or becomes inaccessible.

•    File System Changes – If you have installed a new operating system, it may require another file system so you might need to convert NTFS to FAT or otherwise.

•    Human Error – You might accidentally hit the wrong button and delete your data permanently instead of it going to the Recycle Bin first.

How to Recover Formatted Hard Drive

To your advantage, all the data from the hard drive doesn’t get erased when it’s formatted unless fresh data is written on it again. So if you accidentally format a hard drive and want to recover it, don’t panic.

It can be easily done with EaseUS Data Recovery Software. Undoubtedly EaseUS has a credible history of over ten years of providing exceptional services to its customers and has established itself as a reputable brand in the industry. With over 99% success rate and immaculate customer support, users now prefer opting for EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Three-Step Guide to Recover Formatted Hard Drive

Step 1: After installation of the software, launch it and choose the hard drive, you have accidentally lost data from and click on “Scan.”

EaseUs data recovery software wizard

Step 2: Let the software scan the whole hard drive and bring forth maximum results onto the software.

Step 3: After the scan is complete, choose “Lost Partition Files” – a highlighted feature on the software. Or you can also select the files manually that you want to recover from the scanned region. After that, select the partition in which you want to see the recovered files and click on “Recover.”

lost partition recovery with EaseUs data recovery software

Just by following the above-mentioned simple steps, you can recover your data easily. However, there are certain pre-conditions that allow you to recover maximum data. Firstly, once you’ve formatted the hard drive, don’t use it to store new data and secondly, the quicker you recover the data, the better would be the results.

Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Software

EaseUS Data Recovery is a powerful tool that provides a holistic solution to data recovery needs. Some of the exceptional features offered by this software are listed below.

•    Files Recovery – Quick recovery of any files lost due to unexpected virus or accidental deletion from any location.

•    Recycle Bin Data Recovery – By filtering the recycle bin results, you could recover the data that you lost while emptying the recycle bin accidentally.

•    Lost Partition Recovery – An immensely powerful tool that allows you to recover data even if a whole partition is unrecognizable by your computer.

•    OS Crash Recovery – Download the WinPE bootable media offered by EaseUS Data Recovery Software if your OS crashes and recover your data easily.

•    RAW and Corrupt Partition Recovery – Your partition might become inaccessible or RAW, and you might not be able to reach the stored data easily. In such a case, still, EaseUS would help you recover the data quite easily.

How to avoid losing the data?

Although lost data can be recovered easily yet, it’s always recommended that you avoid this by adopting certain strategies that work better. You should have a backup of all the important data on your device either on the cloud or using EaseUS free backup software. It’s certainly a worthy investment and can save you heaps of worrying as well!


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