Data Recovery for Windows: 5 Best Free Software You Can Use

best free data recovery software for windows

Recovery of lost/deleted files can be a costly activity if you are not making use of one of the best free data recovery software for Windows we would be discussing here; this is why the best way to avoid this problem is by regularly backing up important documents, files, photos, videos, etc. However, this solution is not fool-proof. Losing crucial files is quite easy and this could result from a number of causes — a hardware failure, a virus infection, or simply human error.

Whether the hard drive fails or you have simply deleted a file inadvertently, this is the best opportunity to recover your data before they are lost permanently. On the internet, there is a long list of freeware and paid tools that can assist you in getting your data back from external hard disk, CD, DVD, memory cards, etc. But you should trust the recommendations of experts with respect to this issue. To assist you with our expertise and experience, we have provided a number of carefully reviewed recommendations on the best free data recovery software for Windows you can use for this issue.

Top 5 Best Free Data Recovery Software for Windows

  1. Piriform Recuva

This is a free recovery tool that has deep scans and simple wizard, and can be of great help in disaster period. This software facilitates the data recovery process, making it as stress-free as feasible. By default, it launches a wizard for file recovery — a feature experienced users can skip subsequently. From this point, you can choose the file type you want to recover —  such as emails, photos, videos, compressed folders, etc. — and the tool will aim its search appropriately. Furthermore, you can focus your search on a particular location or search all the drives.

best free data recovery software for windows

Benefits Recuza Offers Users

  • An interface that is clear
  • A file recovery process that is effective
  • Ads for paid version
  • Deep scans that are optional
  1. Puran File Recovery

This is data recovery software that is completely free. With its powerful file recovery capability and simple interface, Puran File Recovery surely promises its users a great experience.

best free data recovery software for windows

What Puran File Recovery Offers

  • It has the deep scan, filtered and preview window modes.
  • It recovers any format of files; usually, each scan generates lots of thousands of files. You can activate the filter mode to narrow down your search.
  • With the Full Scan mode, you can detect lost or deleted partitions and will be able to get back your files from formatted drives.
  • The software allows you save the files that have been recovered using their path structure.
  • It is only compatible with NTFS and FAT 12, 16, or 32.
  1. DMDE Free Edition

With DMDE Free Edition, you can get back those files that are deleted as well as bring a dead hard drive back to life. While it may not be the easiest tool to use in recovering your data, it is one of the most effective.

best free data recovery software for windows


  • It has disk editing mode.
  • It has recorded high success rate.
  • It can recover data from a broad range of hard drives.
  1. Pandora Recovery

This software has the ability of recovering data from a wide array of file systems including FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS5 as well as NTFS or EFS. Other than its commonest usage for recovering documents and images, also it can recover hidden, sparse, encrypted, compressed and archived files.

best free data recovery software for windows


  • It allows you save files that have been recovered within that same network location or computer, or even any external storage device.
  • With its scan mode, you can recover lost/deleted data from formatted disks or partitions.
  • Its other features include quick view as well as search functionality, file size search, name search, etc.
  1. TestDisk and PhotoRec

With this tool, you can recover files in a large number of formats from any storage device. Do not be misguided by its name — it works on more than just photos.

best free data recovery software for windows


  • It supports lots of file systems
  • Its interface is accessible.
  • It is compatible with a wide array of media and file systems including hard drives, USB flash drives, CD/DVD, memory cards, etc.
  • It supports Mac and Linus.

Final Thoughts

Armed with the information on best free data recovery software for Windows provided above, you can now get your lost or deleted files back with ease. The tools work effectively with any storage media and many file formats.

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