Recover Deleted Notes on Mac: a Detailed Guide

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While there is a big number of tools for data recovery for Windows, Mac users might be not so lucky. Most apps are developed to rather backup data than recovering it. however, if you check Disk Drill for Mac, you will be surprised. It not only provides a complete backup of your so badly needed data, but it recovers it.

So, when you are looking for a tool that can recover data from your Mac, you should look for an app that:

  • Has all the needed scanning techniques that you might need to restore files on mac;
  • Recovery data is available for most files, if not all files;
  • Is easy to install and to use.

Disk Drill is the tool that you might need. It can recover deleted files on mac, even if they are in the most rarely used format. If you believe that it is a tool that you might need, here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to handle it.

  • If you need to recover deleted notes on mac, all you have to do is just to download the tool and launch it.
recover deleted notes on Mac with Disk Drill

However, if you need to restore data on an external device, the process is a little bit longer. So, you should do the following:

  • First of all, connect the device, from which you need to recover data, to your mac.
  • Launch the recovery app.
  • Login to the admin account. This will allow you to launch the tool and to recover the data.
  • When the app starts, it will ask you for an upgrade. Just select the option of a basic version.
  • Further, the list of external devices that are connected to your mac will appear. Select the one where the data disappeared. For that, just click the “Recover” button.
  • Now, just wait till the data is recovered.

However, if you really want to take care of your data, and it happens especially if you have some sensitive or confidential data, it is better not to risk. Of course, Disk Drill or any other good recovery tool will recover it, but it is better to avoid risking.

That’s why, if your data is important to you, make sure it will not be deleted. So that later, you will not ask yourself “How to recover deleted notes on mac, because those notes disappeared from my mac so suddenly”. Back it up. Yep, a good recovery tool does it without any problems. This option might be paid, but if you work with data, you know that any payment is worth the data safety. Any user would agree that paying some bucks and have all your data protected and secured is better than actually losing all your important files and in the worst case even sensitive customer data. You might even not be able to recover it ever again. So, the choice is evident. What would you prefer?

Disk Drill backs up all data that you need in a special folder. So, even if you, by accident, click on a delete button or if the data is simply lost, you can recover all information from this folder. This provides a number of advantages.

The most important is of course that any files of any size will not be damaged by recovery. Even if those are huge databases, they will be recovered intact and available to use immediately. What about rare file formats? If a free software version works with the rarest file formats, then a paid version supports all of them for sure. Protect your mac data now, to avoid regrets later., back up all important information.

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