Spectranet Coverage Areas in Nigeria and Internet Data Plans

spectranet coverage areas

If you are looking for a fast and reliable internet service in Nigeria then it is worth checking out Spectranet coverage areas in the country. One of the fastest growing internet service providers in the Nigeria and the first to launch a 4G LTE service, Spectranet started in Lagos but now have expanded to other states and cities across the country.

What are the Spectranet Coverage Areas in Nigeria?

Currently, Spectranet is only available in 4 States in Nigeria, but they plan to expand to other states soon. The coverage areas in Nigeria are listed below:

  • Lagos
  • Abuja
  • Ibadan
  • Port Hacourt

Spectranet have various types of routers and MiFi you can buy to enjoy their high-speed internet service; they are also one of the few ISPs offering unlimited data plans in Nigeria.

In case you don’t know about their data plans yet, check it out. Also, see Spectranet renewal process, data plan balance enquiry process and how to check the data expiry date.

There you go, that’s all to know about Spectranet coverage areas in Nigeria.

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  1. Hello, Please how do I check the speed rate of spectranet in my work location?. I work at Omofade Crescent, Omole Phase 1 Estate, Agindigbi, Lagos State.

    A link to check this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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