Apple Announces macOS Monterey with New Powerful Features

macos monterey

macOS Big Sur brought the biggest changes yet to the Mac in years but Apple has now previewed the successor, macOS Monterey with even more powerful features. macOS Monterey brings a new way to work smarter and connect with family and friends.

Apple brings a new tab design to Safari that lets users see more of the content as they scroll. Tab Groups is a newly added feature that syncs across the Mac, iPhone and iPad, it provides a neat way for users to save and manage tabs. Another new feature on the new macOS is Shortcuts, with it, users can get tasks done quickly. Shortcuts has a variety of pre-programmed actions designed for the Mac.

Quick Note comes to Notes and it brings the ability to quickly jot down notes on any app or website. Links can be added from an app and mentions can now be created in the case of a group project when using Notes. Focus which is also available on the iOS 15 works on macOS Monterey as well by using on-device intelligence to create different types of Focus filters.

All the new FaceTime features on iOS 15 with spatial audio, SharePlay comes to the Mac as well. There is also Live Text, iCloud+ and improved privacy features.

The most powerful feature on the macOS Monterey is Universal Control. With no setup needed, Universal Control lets users work across the Mac, iMac and iPad with a single mouse and keyboard. Contents can be dragged and dropped across the devices such as a sketching with the Apple Pencil on the iPad.

AirPlay comes to Mac for the first time and it allows photos, movies, games and virtually anything to be shared instantly from the iPhone or iPad to Mac’s screen. Through AirPlay, Mac’s speaker can be used as a secondary speaker when playing music or listening to podcasts.

macOS Monterey will be available this fall.

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