7 Best Offline Map Apps for Android Navigation

An ideal smartphone offers navigation as one of its important features. This means that you can use maps on your Android device to find your way across location without encountering any obstacles. But to enjoy the full features of these maps, there is a need to connect your phone to the internet while GPS comes as a poor option.

Fortunately, developers have offered multiple offline maps that work without an internet connection. With such apps, you can navigate any terrain with a poor network or no internet connection. However, finding the best offline maps might be tricky.

With this post, I will help you discover the best offline Map apps for Android on Google Play. Now let us get started.

Best Offline Map Apps for Android Navigation

Google Maps

offline map apps for android

A favourite item on many Android devices, Google Maps comes with numerous features that rival any online map app. For instance, the app allows you to download offline maps directly from Google’s servers. It also gives you details about public transport as well as their departure and arrival times. Furthermore, it offers the best alternate route to your destination with reports on real-time traffic.

However, you can download only a map of a particular area on this app. If you want an updated version for longer routes, it’s recommended that you use an active WiFi connection. An internet connection is also needed before you can use “alternate route” feature.

Unlike most apps on our list, Maps does not include ads or in-app purchases. It even comes as a pre-installed app on any Android device.  But if your device does not have this navigation app, then you can download it from the Google Play store.

You can also download it for free from here.


offline map apps for android

Originally developed as an app for Nokia phones, Here We Go comes as another excellent map app to grace the screens of Android smartphones. It even has features that gave it a high rating on the Google Play store.

So, what are the features that made HereWeGo get an Editor’s Choice Award? Well for starters, the app offers turn by turn voice guidance for a driver in any major city. It also offers the same level of supervision for pedestrians and cyclists.

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HereWe Go has offline maps for over 100 countries across the world. This means you can download and use these maps in numerous locations, especially when there is no internet connection on your Android device. The app even offers public transit information for more than 1300 cities.

You can download the app from here.

Offline Maps & Navigation

The app offers offline maps with several points of interest for more than 200 countries, thereby making a must-have item on your next trip. Furthermore, Offline Maps and Navigation enables its users to share their location and expected time of arrival via social media.

One of the selling points of the Offline and Navigation app is its ability to monitor the fuel and parking prices within various locations. So if you are travelling on a budget, you should consider downloading this app on your phone. It even keeps you breaking traffic rules by showing the location of speed cameras on its maps.

Although the app has excellent features, it comes with in-app purchases. However, Offline Maps and Navigation is available as a free download.

You can download and install the app from here.


offline map apps for android

Unlike most apps in this article, Waze is an online-only amp application. This means that you can’t download specific maps for offline use. But the app makes up for this downside by using cache to offer turn by turn directions automatically.

To use this feature, download Waze on your Android device and input your navigation route. Waze then keeps these settings in its cache and offers directions accurately without an internet connection. Surprisingly, this action works on only Android smartphones

We also love this app because it gives information about the speed limits on all routes, thereby reducing your chances of breaking traffic regulations. However, it’s in-app purchases and ads could become frustrating.

You can download and install Waze from here.

MapFactor GPS Navigation

With around 10M downloads, MapFactor comes as a highly recommended navigation app on the Google Play store. This comes as no surprise since the app offers frequently updated offline maps for by OpenStreet Maps. It even offers points of interests and speed/camera alerts on all routes.

The app supports maps on all continents, and it offers voice navigation in most languages. It also comes with the additional feature of informing truck drivers of areas with narrow lanes or low bridges.

If you choose to ignore its ads, the app is a great companion on any trip. But if you subscribe to the premium version, the ads will be removed.

You can download the app for free from here.


MAPS.ME is another top navigation app that offers directions without an active internet connection. All you need to do is download the map data on your device. Surprisingly, these maps do not consume much storage space.

Five modes of transport are supported on this app, which makes it perfect for any destination. It also provides information on points of interest while enabling you to share your location with your loved ones.

Like most free apps, MAPS.ME comes with ads and in-app purchases.

You can download the app for free from here.

GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic

This app has a new navigation UI that allows ease of use. It also offers a wide range of features, including police and speeding camera alerts. Real-time traffic details are available on this app; however, it requires an active internet connection.

Unlike most regular navigational apps, GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic helps you switch lanes safely. This comes as a great feature, especially when you have no idea of the traffic laws in a particular location. Furthermore, the app offers in-app purchases but no apps.

You can download this app for free from here.


There are many offline maps apps for Android devices, but only a select few bring the best services. With our list, you can quickly choose which app to download. Feel free to share your experience with any of the apps mentioned above or any other navigational app.

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