Top 10 Best Offline Games for Android In 2020 – No WIFI

best offline games for android

If you love playing games on your mobile device then you should be interested in knowing the best offline games for Android right now. No doubt you’ve experienced “some of them days” when you want to “chill out” with your favourite game on your android device, only for you to discover your device has no Internet connection; due either to network availability issues or total annihilation of your current data subscription. Exasperating, right?

Well, despair no more; because in this review, we will be highlighting our top 10 picks – in no particular order of preference, and across several game genres – of the best games you can play on your android device – offline!

Best Offline Games for Android to Play Right Now

European War 4: Napoleon

Ever heard about the Italian General – Bonaparte Napoleon? The one who set out to conquer civilization and almost succeeded?

Well, this game is modelled around the era of Bonaparte Napoleon and the exciting military battles that abounded then. European War 4: Napoleon is a step-by-step role-playing strategy game with exciting gameplay and nice/ colourful graphics.

best offline games for android

You have two (2) play modes you can engage:

  • The “campaign” mode, where you will be tasked with a series of heart-thumping missions for a certain number of rounds. Starting out, you are able to access only two (2) missions; but as you play and succeed in accomplishing your set missions, more (difficult) missions will be opened up to you. In all, there are six (6) campaigns, consisting of eighty-four (84) missions in total; in eight (8) cities of the world;
  • The “Conquest” mode, where you have 6 maps, each delineating a specific historical event of a serious global impact. Your goal, as a General in command, is to conquer as many enemy cities (and their fortifications) as are possible; but you have to do that in a maximum of 999 moves. In the “Conquest” mode, there are forty (40) countries available for you to try your hands (war skills) on.

Whichever of the play modes you choose, you have to appoint for yourself, a General, from a parade of about two hundred (200); each General having a combination of (warring) skills, abilities and weaknesses. In the beginning, only the basic Generals are available for you to choose from, but expect more Generals to become available as you keep playing and winning.

Real Football

best offline games for android

Are you ready for some real footballing skills? Or rather, some real footballing coaching skills? Real Football for Android is your game!

Real Football is your classic football game with good graphics, several opportunities to showcase your coaching skills and close-to-real-life football competitions. After downloading the app, the first thing the app does is to evaluate your skill level through a training match. The data gleaned from the training match goes in to “inform” the app as to the level of (play) complexity with which the app will “engage” you.

The main menu has different modes and a whole collection of parameters that give you room for lots of customization of your playing interface.

A particular game mode worthy of mention is the career mode, where you have a chance to create a football club from scratch, naming the team and its players and choosing a flag, as well as the home playground (stadium) for the team. Once the team has been created, your job will now be to nurture the team from its humble beginnings to the championship level, as the team’s coach. Very challenging, no doubt.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

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Who, on God’s earth, has not played “Angry Birds” before in any of its several iterations? The Angry Birds series of games is one of the most successful game franchises of its kind – twice nominated as “Best Game of the Year”.

Playing the Angry Birds Star Wars II, you get to strategize your journey “upwards” across a bevvy of planets, from one level (planet) to the next. From the “Death Star”, you get to go through the planet “Hot”, then on to planet “Jedi Way”; and then on to the planet named “Cloudy City”. Other planets your quest will take you through include the Boba Felt, the Moon of Endor and finally, the Bonuses of the Golden Droid. Of course, you should expect an increasing level of difficulty in the gameplay as you journey through these planets. No best offline games for Android list will be complete without Angry Birds.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

asphalt 8 airborne apk and obb unlimited money

Asphalt 8: Airborne has the chequered reputation of being “one of the best” android games out there. The graphics and animations are stunning, and the soundtrack is one of the best in the gaming industry. Some of the soundtracks are patented! Asphalt 8: Airborne is a virtual racing game – on the roads and off the roads (mid-air, for instance) – full of guile and adrenaline-inducing play moments.

Asphalt 8: Airborne is single-player offline (and could be played in multi-player mode online), and has the following main gameplay options: World Series (available online only), Career, Quick Solo Race and Local Wi-fi Race.

If virtual racing on the road and off the road is your thing, you might want to check out the Asphalt 8: Airborne game. Certainly an easy pick for the top best offline games for Android right now.

Traffic Rider

best offline games for android

We are introducing our first (of two) racing games in our top 10 picks: the Traffic Rider. The Traffic Rider is a first-person (motorcycle) racing game with several game modes and many levels of increasing complexity as you proceed with the gameplay. Majorly, the gameplay takes you through busy highways occupied by cars. Your task, in the game, will be to navigate your motorcycle safely through the labyrinth the highways become, while at the same instance, performing several tasks set at the various levels. Expect the “highs” and “lows” of power-biking: the slow-motion and then high speed, high-risk manoeuvrings through the labyrinth.

The graphics are stunning, with lots of detailing around objects – cars, motorcycles; and scenery.

Gangstar Vegas

best offline games for android

This game is for you if you fancy an action game with several elements of “violence” – shootings, fights, races, murders, robberies … you just name it! But just beyond the portrayal of violence, the game requires “smarts” and “quick wit” to play. Gangstar Vegas requires “brains” and “brawn” to play.

Gangstar Vegas has a lot of “positives” going for it – the plot is deep, the game world is massive (there are as many as 80 special tasks for you to accomplish). The weaponry is varied, and weapons (equipment) can be improved during gameplay; depending on your abilities and the skills as you play. There are also lots of characters of every shade you can imagine, each with his (or her “mannerism”) and each with his (or her) “story”. And just in case the main gameplay (plot) “bores you”, you have the option to “sidetrack” – arrange or participate in free-for-all fights, or go on robbery sprees or chill out in a Casino. It’s a real “gangstar paradise” out there!

Major Mayhem

best offline games for android

Major Mayhem is a first-person shooter from the stables of Adult Swim Games. Per his name, the main character (Major Mayhem) loves to shoot; so if you are a big fan of first-person shooter games, this is the one game you need to have installed on your android device.

The game is well-designed, the gameplay and evolution is rock-solid. Your goal, as Major Mayhem, is to save a lovely girl from bad guys who have kidnapped her; and as well to save planet earth from these same bad guys. You have varied weaponry (up to 20) and tools to play around with, as you strive to achieve your goal. With 45 gameplay levels and 4 game modes; plus 100 possible achievements “on-the-game”, 150 mini-missions and 3 scenic locations for you to choose from, you are in for a treat of your life as you engage this game, offline, on your android device.

Earn to Die 2

best offline games for android

We present to you our second (of two) racing games in our top 10 picks: Earn to Die 2. This is not just a “racing-game-for-nothing” as is commonplace in the “racing” game genre. In Earn to Die 2, you will be racing to save yourself from the apocalypse brought on the earth by the terrible Z virus (read up on Earn to Die). The gameplay scenario is that after the virulent attack of “Z”, the military has given up on trying to salvage the cities and her human occupants. Everyone is on his (or her) own! The streets are quiet, occupied by ghouls. The economic system is in shambles! Every man (or woman) is truly for himself (or herself).

In trying to escape this madness and the coming apocalypse, you will have access to a retinue of cars and weapons. The cars are accident-prone, and fuel is scarce. Even your weapons of defence against ghouls and fellow humans are scarce and not-too-reliable; so you need to become an impromptu “materials management” expert even as you “battle” to exit the destroyed cities at each level. Of course, expect more options in terms of cars and weaponry as you progress (and succeed) at subsequent levels.

Shadow Fight 2

best offline games for android

Shadow Fight 2 is the first (and only) game from the fighter genre featured in our top 10 picks. In the game, you are the hero-saviour of modernity, tasked with the goal of saving humanity from the onslaught of armed-with-swords daemons commissioned to expunge the city of her human inhabitants; who are basically defenceless in the face of this attack.

Your basic weaponry consists of your “combat system” made up of a series of combinations of punches and kicks (as well as the speed with which you are able to deliver them) you would have learnt as you evolved into “your role” in the game. You will also need to be savvy in evading the attacks of your opponents in the game. If you succeed in your role, money and experience are your rewards. The money will come in handy in the purchase of (more) weapons from local stores and the experience rewards are priceless as you evolve into learning magical and other unique techniques.

The animation for Shadow Fight 2 is well-developed; the battles (rolls, jumps, air-kicks; etcetera) are realistic. The fight surroundings have been thoughtfully created in a unique “oriental” “feel”. We must warn that the game takes some time to master, but once you cross that bridge, expect fun all through!

Cooking Fever

best offline games for android

How about you test your “mettle” in business while having fun at the same time? Cooking Fever is just the right game to help you achieve this. The game is about you, an Entrepreneur, being tasked with the development of a provincial café to the level of a “small eatery” and then on to a “large concern”. As your business evolves, it is expected that you will bring your (business) acumen to bear; in order to assure the success of the business. Think about monitoring the “cooking” process backend and ensuring that nothing “burns”; think about vital ingredients suddenly “running out” during cooking; think about time-pressed customers waiting upfront for their orders, think about the many tasks you have to juggle in order to ensure that all stakeholders – your shareholders, your staff, and your customers – are satisfied; to the best of your abilities.


You don’t even need the internet or WIFI to enjoy good games on your device. We hope our top 10 picks of the best offline games for Android serves you well. Do you think we left out a game? Let us know.


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