Apple Series 5 Watch Unveiled with Always-On Display

apple series 5 watch

On Tuesday, in Cupertino California, Apple Series 5 was announced alongside other new innovations by Apple at its September 2019 Event. This year’s model shares a similar design with last year’s Series but Apple finally included a feature which has been clamoured for a long time – an always-on display. With this, users will be able to see time on Apple Watch Series 5 without having to move their wrist.

Series 5 retains the 18-hour battery life just like Series 4 even with the always-on display which is supposed to reduce battery life. Apple says the 18-hour battery life is maintained thanks to a new-low temperature polysilicone and oxide-display and low-power display driver. The always-on screen adapts with wrist movement. When in one position it will be in low-brightness mode and switches to full brightness when wrist movement is detected.

apple series 5 watch features

Apart from retaining the stainless steel and ceramic finishes, Apple has added a recycled aluminium and titanium options to the Series 5. The first time an Apple Watch will be having this much finishes options. During the Event, Apple showed an emotional video of its users narrating different experiences with Apple Watch and how it has helped them. Apple said it listens and has now included emergency calling for international countries and a comprehensive in-built compass.

Apple Series 5 Watch will be available in stores from September 20th and pre-order is on already. Pricing begins at $399 for the GPS model and $499 for the cellular-connected model. Series 4 has been dropped from the Apple Watch lineup but Apple has surprisingly reduced Series 3 price to $199.


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