WWDC 2019: Everything Apple Announced During Its Keynote

Tim Cook, Apple - WWDC 2019

Apple’s big mid-year software event, the WWDC 2019, started on Monday in San Jose, California, as its executives rattled off a fascinating array of software and hardware announcements in the almost two-and-a-half-hour keynote. If you miss the presentation or didn’t keep tabs on the unveiled products, we have provided a roundup of all that was announced in the ongoing annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference, which will end on Friday. We will be talking about exciting software and hardware products, which include iPadOS, iOS 13, macOS Catalina, the all-new modular Mac Pro & Pro Display XDR, watchOS 6, and lots more!

Software Updates

Let’s start by exploring all the software announcements that Apple made.

iOS 13

The iOS 13 was unveiled as one of the software surprises and is designed with fun little features. In this new version of iOS, the company rejiggered a number of its core applications, such as Safari and Mail, in a bid to make it look better on your smartphone.

iOS 13 dark mode

Music now offers a live lyrics option for turning your mobile device into a mobile karaoke machine. Also, there is a retooled Maps app that allows you to share your ETA (electronic travel authorization) with family and friends and get a preview of locations in street view.

There’s a new swipe-style keyboard, Quick Path, which helps you form words when you swipe across the keyboard so you won’t have to tap each individual letter. Apart from this, Messages now has a feature for attaching a profile picture as well as display name to your cellphone number, and this option works like WhatsApp.

Also, Apple says it has sped up everything in iOS 13 — the Face ID functionality should now unlock 30% faster, and speed of app launch should be double. These sound cool; however, the update that got the loudest cheers on Monday was the all-new system-wide dark mode, which Apple described with the tagline, “iOS now lives in the dark.”

There are many other changes and improvements that will be coming in the new iOS version, including the following: app downloads are 50 per cent smaller; a revamped share sheet; Memoji Makeup & Memoji Stickers; all-new Apple Maps; HomeKit-enabled routers & HomeKit Secure Video; a new “Sign in with Apple” feature to log into 3rd-party services; and many others.

iOS 13 will be released to the public for download later in the year. But a developer preview launch already took place on Monday.


If you call iPadOS the biggest software surprise in the keynote, you won’t be far off the mark. Apple announced in the presentation that the iPad will be receiving its own platform and will no longer be running iOS.

iPad OS

But the majority of the features we were anticipating iPad to feature in this new software failed to materialize. The new iPadOS is capable of running multiple windows for an open application. Also, it allows Slide Over panels to be freely detached and manipulated.

The Files app has also received updates and now has support for external drives as well as SD cards, and it allows you to upload images from cameras to 3rd-party apps, directly.

iPadOS also comes with another update, “desktop class” browsing, whereas Safari has new keyboard shortcuts as well as a download manager. Apple stated it would be adding new 3-finger gesture shortcuts for these operations — cut, copy, and paste, in addition to undo.

macOS Catalina

Yes, the OS name does sound intriguing as “Santa Catalina” is a picturesque island destination in California. macOS Catalina is the latest update of Apple to its laptops and desktops OS. In the new iOS version, there is a new feature that is known as “Sidecar” that enables your iPad to be utilized as a second Mac display in a couple of different ways. It will also come with far more precise voice interactions than you have ever seen before, and if the OS lives up to the onstage demonstrations shown on Monday, this improvement could be a bold step forward for accessibility. Overall, macOS Catalina will provide a more refined user experience for you.

mac OS catalina

But the major revelation was Project Catalyst: This is the new moniker given to the long-gestating project — that was formerly called Marzipan — which makes it less stressful for developers to ensure that their applications are working across platforms of Apple, especially between the iPad as well as the desktop. Before now, the task needed shipping 2 kinds of code; but with the latest OS, all the heavy lifting can be carried out by simply checking a box in Apple’s tool for software development called XCode.

watchOS 6

Let’s now talk about the next software version for Apple Watch was unveiled on Monday with new watch faces as well as complications; new 1st-party applications such as Voice Memos, Audiobooks, and Calculator; in addition to a dedicated watchOS App Store.

watchOS 6

watchOS 6 equally offers new health and fitness options, which include new “Trends,” “Highlights,” and “Favorites” views that let you compare your activity over time. One more newly unveiled application, Cycles, helps users in monitoring their menstrual cycles on Apple Watch and iPhone and saving crucial information.

tvOS 13

tvOS 13 is coming as the next version of the software for Apple TV and promises to bring a couple of amazing improvements. Among the highlights of this release, there is support for multiple users, allowing each to get an “up next” queue. There is also a new Control Center UI that enables you to switch between profiles, and music will also get personalized for each profile.

tvOS 13

Another new option is support for Xbox One as well as PS DualShock 4 controllers for gaming. Also, Apple TV will be designed with new underwater HDR screensavers in the tvOS 13 version.

Sign In With Apple

With the single-sign-on feature in the existing iOS version, you can easily log into 3rd-party apps with only your details on Google or Facebook; that convenience, however, is at the expense of some of your private info. To solve this issue, Apple has now introduced the “Sign in with Apple” option that works in a similar  manner to the authenticators of Google and Facebook, but without giving out any of your personal data to those 3rd-party apps.

Apple even promises to ensure your email address is protected by creating a unique, random email address whenever applications ask for one. This makes it easy for you to cut off communication later when you no longer want to receive those marketing emails.

Hardware Updates

Here are the key hardware announcements that Apple made on Monday:

All-new Mac Pro

Apple’s most powerful computer ever, the upcoming modular Mac Pro, stole the show at the WWDC keynote on Monday. The powerhouse sports a brand-new stainless steel and aluminium design that comes with a cheese grater aesthetic.

The system will be a truly modular desktop that provides access to components from every side of the tower, featuring 8 internal PCIe slots. The cost of the base model starts at $6000, it can also be spec’d out with as much as a 28-core Intel Xeon processor, 4TB SSD storage space, 1.5TB of RAM, two Radeon Pro Vega II GPUs (making 4 GPUs in total) as well as an all-new custom Apple card, known as Afterburner.

It’s billed to hit the market later this fall.

Pro Display XDR

To pair with upcoming modular Mac Pro, the maker unveiled the Pro Display XDR, a 6K reference-grade professional display. It has 32 inches and a native resolution of 6016 by 3384 pixels, which includes over 20M pixels.

The display also comes with the cheese grater lattice aesthetic, which you will find on the rear, and this design isn’t merely for show as it serves as a heat sink. The name, Extreme Dynamic Range (XDR), shows that this display provides performance that is well beyond high dynamic range (HDR).

Other features of the Pro Display XDR are, up to 1600 nits of peak brightness, P3 wide color & 10-bit support, a contrast ratio of 1,000,000: 1, in addition to an optional stand which can work in both landscape mode and portrait mode.

It’ll also be released later this fall, and its price will start at $5,000.


With every update that Apple releases for the AirPods, it becomes clearer that the manufacturer seeks to ensure you just never take them off your ears. These wireless buds can now have better interaction with Siri. With this improvement, you will be able to read incoming messages aloud as well as send voice-dictated responses. If you’d still like to interact with a fellow human being while wearing your AirPods, the company launched a sound-sharing option, enabling multiple users (perhaps you and your family/friends) to connect to the same audio source.

As stated earlier, this ongoing annual event will end on Friday, June 7. And soon, we look forward to getting more information on the software and hardware announcements, which we have highlighted above, made during the keynote.

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