New iPhone Exclusive Highlights Apple’s Design Decisions — Another Bizarre Design?

new iPhone concept design

It appears we haven’t heard the last of Apple’s decision to polarize new iPhones (especially the oddball iPhone XR2) as things keep getting worse. Driving home this point is a new iPhone exclusive that reveals Apple’s bizarre 2019 designs are set to become an unpleasant reality we would have to contend with. 

9to5Mac has got its hands on physical cases for the 2 new iPhone ranges from Sonny Dickson, a well-known Apple Insider. And Dickson himself has chatted with Forbes’ Gordon Kelly to confirm this information from their reliable source, asserting he has huge confidence in their accuracy.

The Key Takeaways

Basically, we’ve learned that Apple is actually fitting its iPhone 11, 11 Max as well as XR2 “with the largest camera hump” in the history of iPhone, since the first model was released close to 12 years ago. There is a massive square cut-out in the top left corner of the 3 new devices. Though this feature is quite sensible for the new triple lens array in the upcoming flagship smartphones, the maker is still trying to impose it on the iPhone XR2 model, in spite of the fact that it’s 2 lenses.

“I’m sure Apple will have an exciting name for these camera setups, but I’d like to christen them stove tops,” says Kelly. He added that after all, if their design is great, the company would not be making an effort to hide them.

Additionally, it is also slightly trying to lower the volume and power buttons that need to be more ergonomically friendly. It seems Apple is adopting this design, mainly, to create room for the longer (and perhaps worse) vertical mute slider that can be seen on iPads, which will be taking the place of the well-known horizontal mute switch of iPhone. 9to5Mac sheds more light on these cases in the below video:

Away from external design: The handset maker is also axing 3D Touch, another change that is bound to stir up controversy about its 2019 flagships. We have learnt that the class-leading Taptic Engine will be ditched and a standard haptic motor used in its stead, like Apple’s rivals have done. The company is planning to make use of the extra internal space this creates for installing bigger batteries — however,  this is a disappointing backwards step, technologically speaking — and dual audio Bluetooth will not be able to compensate for it.

Wrapping up

What can you pick from these as an Apple customer? Based on the available info on Apple’s 2020 iPhone design changes, which promise to be fascinating, coupled with full-screen Touch ID return, shifting your attention elsewhere might be the smartest decision to take. If Apple is focusing its attention elsewhere, you should, too.


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