Encompass 7 Steps for Crafting a Dynamic Magento E-store

magento e-store

Magento holds the figure of 15.5% in creating online websites seen in the market today. Among all other popular platforms, Magento stands unparalleled and unshaken from its position.

The reasons are pretty simple, customizable, feature-rich, easy to install platforms, that also by way of open-source. It means you are not spending a single penny on its installation.

The platform has witnessed nearly 500,000 downloads, so naturally, it is the soul space of web development.

And as the e-store websites keep getting complex, Magento ecommerce store developmentfinds a special way to treat those complexities.

While we learn how to create a robust and interactive website, let’s look at the live examples of business websites. These e-commerce stores are not just any shopping site, they are indeed a brand.

Magento E-store
  • Coca Cola

Yes, you heard it right. Magento is catering to one of the biggest brands in the world. Do you think Coca Cola would pick any low valued platform? No… So, there comes Magento

  • Ford

A surprising but true fact is that Ford has built its accessories website on Magento. Only because it relies on the power of its ecommerce features.

  • Olympus

A well-known Japanese brand has also developed a liking for Magento. This makes the platform used globally.

  • Nike

You can see the Australian store of Nike running on Magento. Now we know, from where the sporty brand gets its adventurous and thrilling layout.

The clock has struck to 12, so it’s time to open the bar. Sway along with the following points and see the beauty of developing an ecommerce store.

A Name begins the Game

Don’t listen to Shakespeare when he says “What’s in the name?” the idea is probably meant for human beings.

As a business unit, the name decides your future. Later, in the coming years, you will need the same to proliferate as a brand.

Name the business with some catchy, innovative and fun-loving words. The customers need not stress in calling out your store.

Just one step towards creativity will identify your business as a brand. Once you add SEO marketing tools, the name is that one thing surfing over the internet all the time.

Choose and Install your Magento Package

image: siteground

First, you need to sort the list of your requirements after which you can go and select a Magento package.

There is an enterprise edition, as well as the open-source version. Both have their own set of perks.

Once, you are done prioritizing your needs and selecting a version, it is the time to play around the installation. Install the platform, upload the files and begin optimizing the database.

In case, you find yourself confused about the process, hire Magento developers to guide you from darkness to light.

Enlighten the Web store

If only there was one theme, one layout and a single set of features in Magento, then the website would be too typical.

However, that is nothing how Magento looks.

The real story is upside down!!!

Here hundreds of themes, color options, navigation tabs, CTAs, user-friendly access, and other custom features are available.

The first look of any website is paramount, it decides whether the customer will stay for another minute or not.  Make sure while designing the front-end, the features are backed with back-end codes.

Because if front-end is the beautiful exterior of the house, then back-end is the concrete on which the house is built.

Channelize the Integral features

Ecommerce stores runs on more than just the glitz and glamour and the products. For your prospective customers to place an order, the website needs features like shipping method.

Without this how do you plan to know the consumers address and offer the products to them?

Adding a shipping service provider to your business brings you a step closer.

Now as you turn the page, shipping expenses, customer location, expected date of delivery are scripted as the next task.

Fetch revenue from Payment Gateways

payment gateways
image source

You’ve opened the online business store to serve the customers as well as earn profit, right? Then every business page should have a payment gateway right away.

Trusted and reliant payment gateway should form a part of your store. Paypal, Amazon Payments, SecurePay, BluePay, and a few more are some of the trusted gateways.

Create a merchant account and complete a few procedures to begin using one or more payment methods.

Tip: It is advised to keep more than one payment method so that business is successful in offering a set of payment options.

Acknowledging the transactions

Imagine, you have placed an order, proceeded with the payment but have no clue whether the order was accepted or not.

Will you trust the store for a second time? No…!!!!

Emails… yes, a business website must use email configuration to acknowledge all the transactions. A store can ask personal details like name, number, address (obviously, where do you think the product will be delivered?) and email address.

An acceptance mail and summary of transactions is proof of your association with the online store.

Deployment and Testing: Final yet a Crucial step

What say if all is set, should we launch the website for the end users? If you think like this, you are doing the biggest mistake in business history.

Before the final launch, everything needs to be tried and tested to enure success.

Here, the Magento store can also be deployed and tested like the actual website, way before the customer takes a glance at it.

Under the shelter of testing, verify if all the items are in place and working at their best level. Do not forget, Navigation is very important for user-exeperience. And so checking if it is seamless or not is an inevitable task.

The launch follows the website’s analytical tracking which provides all the data on traffic, customer’s behavior pattern, inventory management, etc.

Sheathing the Chapter

We just taught you the basics of a strong Magento store…

Howbeit, the ideas for enhancing the website are always never-ending.

The ideas can be your own creation. But, if you want to spend some time with your business a Magento development Company has prominently served different business units.

Thus, their developers are expert on trending features. They shall strategize, build, test and optimize the website and provide support until the term of your business.

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Harshal Shah has countless experience in the field of Information Technology. Also, he is the CEO of Elsner Technologies Pvt Ltd. Magento development company that offers various Magento Development services to the clients across the globe. Mr. Harshal is a huge tech enthusiastic person who has written major & genuine articles as well as blogs on topics that are relevant to various CMS platforms.


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