Warner Bros Renames HBO Max to just Max

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HBO Max is now just Max after Warner Bros dropped HBO from the branding at a press event on Wednesday. The company also announced upcoming projects, including a new Harry Potter series and new works from DC Comics. According to Bloomberg, pricing for the new service remains in line with the current offering. The ads plan is $10 monthly, while the regular tiers range from $16 to $20 monthly.

Chief Executive Officer David Zaslav believes interested viewers may find it hard to pay for HBO even though the service is known for producing critically acclaimed series. The service recently delivered House of Dragon and The Last of Us and won the most Emmy Awards of any network in 2022.

Head of streaming at Warner Bros JB Perrette believes the Max “can compete with the biggest players in the space.” The new Max name and the introduction of unscripted programming like Naked and Afraid can appeal to intending subscribers. Perrette hints at the company improving the HBO Max app, which relies on humans to make recommendations and compared to competitors like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video with a better machine algorithm.

The new Max will arrive will debut in the U.S. on May 23 and later this year in Latin America, with select countries in Europe and Asia to follow next year. Existing HBO Max subscribers will retain the service, while some will have to download a new app to enjoy the expanded catalogue. The new slogan for Max will now be “The One to Watch.”

Warner Bros also offers a $20 monthly premium plan that allows subscribers to have four users logged in and stream simultaneously. They will be able to download up to 100 shows and stream at a higher 4k resolution. Subscribers on the $10 ads and $16 ad-free plans can have two users streaming, while downloads are only available for the ad-free plan.

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