Twitter is Shutting Down Fleets

Twitter Fleets

After eight months of rolling out Fleets to everyone, Twitter says it is shutting down its Stories-like feature. Fleets will no longer be available on August 3rd. Twitter began testing the feature in March 2020 and finally rolled it out to everyone in November.

We had planned for Fleets to help people feel comfortable joining the conversation in a low-pressure way, but it turns out Fleets were mainly used by those Tweeting the most,” the company announced. “So now we’re ready to explore other ways for people to share on Twitter.”

Twitter had hoped it would get people to tweet more with Fleets but the plan didn’t work out, apparently. The feature generated mixed reactions when it was introduced with many complaining the beloved micro-blogging platform was going in the way of Instagram and Facebook. Users could share tweets, images or videos on Fleets and it will disappear after 24hrs.

The company said it had learned a lot from the failure of Fleets and it would “focus on newer and better ways to start conversations.” Twitter says it will not slow down on making improvements to the platform and that it is “excited to get back to work on what we’ve got planned next.”

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