HBO’s The Last of Us TV Show Casts Tommy Actor but Not as Tommy

the last of us tv show

It’s no longer news HBO is working on a The Last of Us TV series, Pedrol Pascal has already been confirmed to play as Joel Miller while Bella Ramsey will star as Ellie. Earlier in April, Gabriel Luna was also confirmed to play as Tommy, Joel’s brother in the video game, leaving out the original actor, Jeffrey Pierce. According to a new report by Deadline, Jeffrey Pierce has now been added as a cast in the show.

Jeffrey Pierce played Tommy Miller’s voice actor in the video game but he will now be cast as Perry in the TV series, a rebel in a quarantine zone. Nico Parker will be cast as Sarah, Joel’s daughter who died very early in the video game.

Apart from Pierce, the actor who played Marlene in the video game will also be joining the TV show. In May, Merle Dandridge who was the original Marlene actor will also reprise her role as Marlene in the TV show. Fans of the original video game will definitely be looking forward to some consistency in casts on the HBO TV show.

Two more actors will also be joining the TV show, according to Deadline. Murray Bartlett and Con O’Neil. “Bartlett guest stars as Frank and O’Neill is Bill, two post-pandemic survivalists living alone in their own isolated town.”

The Last of Us takes place twenty years after the events of a deadly virus that has wiped out modern civilization. Joel (Pedro Pascal), one of the remaining survivors is hired to smuggle out a 14-year-old Ellie (Bella Ramsey) out of a post-apocalyptic quarantine zone in the United States.

Production for the TV series has already begun and it is expected to premiere in 2020, though HBO has yet to announce an official release date.

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