Twitter Now Lets You Change Who Can Reply to Your Tweets Even After You’ve Posted

Twitter Reply control

Last year May, Twitter began testing ways on how to give people more control over their conversations. In August, the company finally rolled out a feature that lets users limit who can reply to their tweets before it was posted. In a new update, Twitter has now made it possible for users to change who can reply to their tweets even after it has been posted.

To change who can reply to a tweet after it had already gone out, tap on the three-dot menu on the tweet. Look for the “Change who can reply” option and tap on it, this will allow you control replies to three options – everyone, people you follow or only people you mention.

Twitter is rolling out the feature globally to everyone on iOS, Android and the web.

This is one of the numerous ways the social network is trying to make its platform safe for everyone. The company also began testing “trusted friends”, a feature which only limits tweets to online close associates.

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